Baby Bunnies Dying... Please Help!

by Jayd Knight

Healthy Baby Bunnies

Healthy Baby Bunnies

Baby Bunnies Dying Within a Few Days of Birth.

Lost 9 Litters So Far. Please help!

I have lost 9 litters of bunnies.

They almost always die within 24 hours of being born, the longest lasted 5 days.

It's 6 different does, and 1 of them had 5 successful litters before now.

They aren't getting cold and they had plenty of milk in their bellies, yet they all die suddenly at the same time.

I noticed that after they die they feel wet of damp, yet no water could have been spilled on them, and my oldest doe never pees in her box, especially if she has babies.

All the does are perfectly healthy. I didn't have this problem until after I had got 6 new show rabbits which, after a few months of having them several of them suddenly looked sunk in higher up close to their back in front of their legs and within a week or 2 they shriveled up to nothing and died even though they never stopped eating or drinking.

No other rabbits showed any symptoms and now I keep losing babies.

Please help I have no idea whats going on with them!

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May 15, 2016
by: PW

Bunnies are like babies, they need a lot of attention. They need feeding 3-4 times a day. They need loving on also. They can not see early on so they need to be separated. from rabbits that can see. For safety matters. rabbits do better with cat milk, any pet store will havevit. Once the get their vision, you want to continue the milk for maye 1-2 weeks, start. start them on carrots the 3 day of the first week of getting their vision. Still continue to feed 3 times a day. You want to continue the milk and carrots for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, try water , pellets, and carrots. After those 2 weeks add some diced roman apples. For best result small carrots or salad carrts already shredded. ,Ive had my rabbits since their birth, I had 5, 3 survived. I believe that in the feeding process I might have missed them. Now they are in bunny heaven. We miss them. But the others are very health and loving. We love on them everyday. Talk to them, love on them, let them play freely and they appreciated the hugs and kisses to. They can't hug, but their love to gi e kisses back. I every once and awhile I still give milk, to keep their system in good order. I hope I've. been helpful. PW

Apr 16, 2016
i am a rabbit mom for 35 years
by: Nancy Pech

I tell everyone whether they own a single rabbit or 2 or breed them always check first for aerobic bacteria and get a poop culture from your vet and repeat it even if it is negative and quarantine the ones that are sick and also having a ton of rabbits these days is just not smart because I have treated antibiotic resistant bacteria for years on these guys and it is very contagious and can cause pneumonia and G.I. stasis otherwise known as digestive shutdown and super painful that disease and intestinal inflammation or enteritis is. I would check for cocidia which you have to get poop and do a fecal float for all. There are 2 problems raising rabbits or a herd of them. the first is sanitation and overcrowding and second shelters need all our help in adopting rabbits that desperately need homes so so bad and the more rabbits you have the more disease spreads and allot of breeders have had this problem and so do the Amish because all my rabbits were Amish rescues and I have the knowledge and expertise to treat these things and had to treat a ton of complicated bacteria like mersa and yes there are tons of bacteria like mersa with different names and strains and my rabbits had it all and you can not cure it but can effectively treat it but I tell every rabbit owner research research research before getting a rabbit a bunch of rabbits and always run all the tests and quarantine your new rabbit first and get them fixed and check for E- Cuniculi and they get reproductive cancer allot or the does do!

Apr 06, 2016
Baby Bunnies Dying
by: Jane

If you have another death, I would urge you to take the rabbit in for a necropsy.

Have you checked with the seller to find out if they are also experiencing losses?

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