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Exclusive story by Ali Frolop of the Just Rabbits News Team

Rabbit Obsessed Woman Has Surgery to Look Like Her Pet Bunny

  • Saved Over 20 Years to Afford Surgery
  • Real Ears to be Removed in Next Few Months
Flora Pilo - Rabbit ear transplant

Flora 57, has been obsessed with bunnies since she was little girl, growing up on her Grandmother's farm in Liplo, Faro, Portugal.

Working as a waitress in a cocktail bar, she saved every tip and extra bit of money she could for over 20 years, until she could finally afford the life changing operation she'd always dreamed of - a life with real bunny ears.

It took multiple surgeons to graft the rabbit ears on to her scalp with expert precision, taking the operation just as seriously as any other.

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Flora's main consultant surgeon, Prof Oilla, associate professor in otolaryngology-head and neck surgery at the Faro Polli (University School) of Medicine, had previously, surgically removed the ears from one of her own recently deceased rabbits.

Flora chose 'Paiol Flor', meaning 'Barn Flower' in Portugese, to be her ear donator, waiting only until her precious bunny companion died of old age before getting surgeons to remove the set of ears for her use.

'Barn Flower', a Brazilian rabbit was chosen because of the strength and vitality she showed when she was alive and for her close fur matching colour to Flora's natural hair.

"Ela sempre foi uma forte, feliz coelho",

"She was always a strong, happy rabbit", Flora explained,

"Eu amava muito na vida, que agora faz parte do seu sempre será comigo".

"I loved her so much in life, now part of her will always be with me". Smiled Flora, from the Skype connection screen image.

Prof Oilla, also interviewed over Skype, detailed how he connected the ears to Flora's blood vessels in her head. Then began the 7 hour long operation to wire the nerve endings together to ensure the ears functioned and behaved as closely to normal rabbit ears as possible.

"I thought of this exact strategy many years before and really was looking for the right patient to try it on," Oilla related on a Skype call last night.

"Flora has two more minor surgeries to go, the removal of her left and right ears. A special hearing aid will allow her to hear from her left and right side without the need for her real ears any longer... Myself and my team are looking forward to further successful operations on Flora again."

Perhaps the twitchy nose and elongated hind hocks are next on the surgical shopping list - who knows!

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