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Smile Happy Bunny!

There's Good News and Bad News...

Bad News
Well folks, the competition results are in and I'm sad to say that due to a few technicalities, an overall winner could not be chosen.

Good News
But I'm happy to say (and it is all about 'HAPPY'), that we did have some beautiful photos submitted, that really put a smile on everyone's faces. You can see more of these below...

But first, I'd just like to apologise for the lack of a winner. There are several reasons for this. Please see a few of these reasons below:

  1. There were insufficient 'unique' entrants to make the competition fair and just.
  2. The social media software, that we used to create the competition, had a glitch and was not working how it should, so of the few entrees we did have, they did not receive any votes on Facebook and Twitter. Making the voting system somewhat flawed.
  3. The votes that were received through this website were, in a few cases, from the same computer, over and over again. Which made counting the votes almost impossible as IP addresses had to checked and cross-checked. It was taking too much time and was abandoned.

Please Note:
This was the first competition Just Rabbits has run and the issues above have given us great insight in to how best to run the next one. Needless to say, those issues will not happen again. :-)

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Let's Finish With a Smile...

There were some beautiful, cute, quirky and very 'happy' bunnies in our photo gallery, that I really have to share with you.

Merit and placement is given to their owners in recognition for their great story, super photo captured moment and the amount of unique comments each of their bunnies inspired.

So even though there are no official 'placements'...

In Third Place

3rd Place - Coco - by Amanda
This is a wonderful captured moment of a very happy bunny enjoying his Brussel spout. Spouts are bitter and not to everyone's taste, but I'm sure you'll agree that this cute little guy is something all of us can devour!

Coco received a staggering amount of comments and truly deserves his place.

See original entry listing here...

In Second Place

2nd Place - Rodney - by Lily
The lovely story that came with this photo really put a smile on my face and probably many others as we can just picture Rodney pricking up his floppy, fluffy ears at half-cock angles to listen to the music. His taste in tunes isn't bad too!

Well done Lily for keeping your gorgeous bunny entertained in the Arts. Perhaps he'll be moving on to Bach and Beethoven next!

See original entry listing here...

In First Place

1st Place - Shiner - by Adriana
This gorgeous guy was my favourite and I'm sure if the voting system worked as it should have done, you would agree.

Standing proud on his hind legs, Shiner's face says it all. I know the competition was about 'happy' bunnies but the fact the Shiner looks like a 'grumpy' bun just made me laugh out loud.

I imagine he was perfectly happy until he was asked to pose for a silly photo :-)

Well done Adriana, good shot. In fact I'd like his gorgeous, grumpy face on a t-shirt!

See original entry listing here...

There were only a few other entries and they were all brilliant in my opinion.

I have chosen these three purely for you to see how lovely some of our entrants were. All the entrants received some wonderful comments too.

Take a look here...

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