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Information Overload
You don't have to go far to find books on rabbits but you do have to delve deep to find one that is of any real benefit, especially when we are talking about the modern way of raising rabbits!

Most of the books I have come across are out-dated and don't link the popularity and appreciation of rabbits that we have today.

I have a range of books, gathered over time, on all things rabbit and I have taken their contents with an an extra helping of experience and common sense on my part.

Always Something Missing...
While one rabbit book is great for safe food lists etc, another for superb images and another for behavioural insights, each seems to be lacking in one way or another, for example most lack the detail needed to explain rabbit housing issues, symptoms of disease or rabbit breed descriptions.

Best Rabbit Book

Best Rabbit Book - ever!
Does it exist?

Monthly Rabbit Book Review
Every month I'll be reviewing a bestseller from the bookshelf...

Also, here's some great general reference rabbit book reviews for a few of the best on the market today.

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  • Modern Times - DVDs, CDs & Games
    Of course now days the book genre is a little 'old hat' as, sadly in my opinion, people are tending to swing towards modern media to extract information. With this in mind, I have added some highly recommended digital goodies that cover the rabbit world and all it's informational, yet fun, wonderment!
  • Electronic Convenience - Ebooks
    I am currently enjoying the very fine art of expression, and diverse research paths, in my collection of eBook writings, which have taken me on an exciting journey of discovery and connection with all things rabbit.
  • Traditional Treats - Featured Book Reviews
    In my mind, you just can't beat the smell and feel of a new book, an old one too. Curling up, comfy, with hot drink and the sound of silence, is on my top 10 list of daily activities. There are many other ways to read too, and digital reading is very convenient. So every week I review a different rabbit or 'rabbit inspired' book for your reading pleasure and advancement. You can keep up to date with these by subscribing to The Weekly Rabbit Report, you'll be glad you did!

Your Rabbit Books
If there is a rabbit book, DVD, CD, game or eBook you would like to see featured here, then please let me know.

Perhaps you have created a masterpiece or written something you'd like to share. Tell me about it and I can create a feature and link for you!

This is a community and your input, feedback, thoughts and ideas, are vital to it's continued success. ;-)

DVDs, CDs & Games

Rabbit Related
DVDs & CDs

As technology develops there are more and more great ways to learn about rabbits.

If your life commitments don't leave you with 'time-to-sit' and read, then popping a DVD, CD or Video on will be just the job!

On the left, I have selected a few of the best DVDs available at the moment and unfortunately, again, there are very little to choose from.

I see another gap in the rabbit industry!
What do you think?

Give me your comments below, I'd love to hear what you think about today's rabbit book products & DVDs!

Computer Games

Of course learning about rabbits doesn't always have to be in the form of a book or film.

Children and adults alike, can learn about their favourite pet by playing games too!

In fact the more fun and amusing something is,  children tend to engage their imaginations more. More engaged means more information is retained in a much shorter time and in more depth.

The vet and hospital simulation games are a great way of learning about care, compassion and health issues.

Take a look at these great games on the right - not just for kids either... I've enjoyed a few of these myself!

E-Books From Just Rabbits

Up To Date Information
I'm currently writing some great e-books that deal with the modern day issues of pet rabbits, for indoor and outdoor bunnies, that you may find of use.

I have combined all the working knowledge I have gained to date with the best bits from the many books, Websites and real people interviews I've gathered over time.

My eBooks are inspired by you, the rabbit owner and all exist because keyword research has showed the topics covered are what you are interested in. So, please take a look and download your choice, see what you think.

I believe the information contained within each is some of the most detailed and 'correct' data and analysis on record today, so why not check them out now and download them to your Kindle, PC, mobile or tablet and see for yourself.

Rabbit Book Reviews

New to the Bookshelf - 'Peter Rabbit'

The original Peter Rabbit, written by Beatrix Potter in 1903, was not an 'informational' or 'reference' book, on rabbits, but rather a vital introduction for children (and adults), to appreciate compassion and understanding, for animals in general. Potter connected with the obvious charm a bunny has and cleverly communicated these personalities to her devoted readers. And, as many a modern day rabbit owner knows, 'personality', our little bunny friends, definitely have, in bundles!

So, when Peter Rabbit invited Oscar-winning actress and screen writer Emma Thompson to write a further tale about him, she was honoured to accept.

On the launch of her new book, The Christmas Tale of Peter Rabbit, Emma joins us at The Times Cheltenham Literature Festival to talk about the writing process, her love for Beatrix Potter and that mischievous little rabbit…

Emma Thompson, Oscar-winning actress and screen writer, has a talent for creating engaging narratives with a dry humour, similar to Potter’s own and is the perfect choice of author for this new Peter Rabbit tale, published 110 years after the original .

"I've always loved Beatrix Potter, as a child and then as a mother and all the years in-between as well. When Mr Rabbit invited me to write a further tale, I was more honoured than I can say."

Emma Thompson

Ever wondered what happened next to Peter Rabbit?

Discover the charm and mischief of his latest misadventure in this new Peter Rabbit tale, lovingly told by Emma Thompson and illustrated by Eleanor Taylor.

A beautiful Christmas stocking treat for rabbit lovers, young and old.

More Rabbit Book Reviews...

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