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There are several ways you can find rabbit breeders that are perfect for your needs.

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  1. Breed Search
    If you know the rabbit breed you'd like to find a breeder for then use the search box below. (At the moment breeders are sectioned by American & English. More countries will be added in due course.)
  2. Not Sure of Which Breed
    If you want to find out more about a particular breed, get advice from a breeder or find a local breeder, go to the rabbit breeds page and choose your preferred breed from the alphabetical list.

    Each rabbit breed link will take you to a new page with full details of each breed and the available breeders for that variety.

  3. Country Search
    The English breeders are members of the BRC (British Rabbit Council).

    All the American breeders listed are members of the ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association).

    Any other breeders listed are members of their own association or council for that country.

Search English Directory

The British Rabbit Council is unable to give any guarantee as to the health, fertility or suitability as a Show animal of the stock being sold, neither can we give any guarantee as to whether any rabbit conforms to the Breed Standard.
Mr Ray & Mrs Candy Everitt (Everitt Stud)Tel: 01406 422849 Mob: 07856 860891 Email: cbobtails@aol.com Website: www.everittstud.co.uk ANGORAS, CALIFORNIANS & NEW ZEALAND REDS
Mrs S & Miss R Plowman (Gemini Stud)Tel: 01329 515590 Mob: 07880 737710 Email: sueptonyr@ntlworld.com ARGENTE (blue & champagne), NETHERLAND DWARFS (sable, smoke & white), SABLE (marten & siamese), REX (seal sable & himalayan)
Mr G T Pounds (Pound Stud) Tel: 01628 483594 Mob: 07775 608369 Email: valerie3cats@aol.com CALIFORNIANS (all colours)
Mr P Rich Tel: 01285 740675 Mob: 07979 855035 Email: paulrich369@btinternet.com CHINCHILLAS (normal),
Mr G R Brooks (Sarande Stud) Tel: 01892 740575 Email: brooks@sarande2011.plus.com ENGLISH (black, grey & chocolate) (Gold Cup & Championship winning stud BiS 2010 Nat ASS) Breeder of quality English since 1974
Mr M Stirr, (Normel Stud) Tel:01405 814860 Mob: 07799 713155 Email: melstirr@gmail.com BRITISH GIANTS, ARGENTES, MINI REX & LION LOPS Mr David & Mrs Kay White Tel: 01494 882582 FLEMISH GIANTS, CHINCHILLA GIGANTAS, CONTINENTAL GIANS (chinchilla)
Miss C Wright (Tirowen Stud) Tel: 01323 500617 Mob: 07703 639486 Email: claireslionheads@hotmail.co.uk
Website: www.tirowenstud.com LIONHEADS (iron grey, otter, sooty fawn, blue, orange & agouti)
Mrs Christine & Mr Bill Brake, (Driftwood Stud), Tel: 02380 740520 Email: bcw0484-rabbit@yahoo.co.uk GERMAN LOPS (agouti, rew, sooty fawn, orange, black & butterfly) DWARF LOPS (rew, agouti, sable, otter & black)

Mrs K Brown, (Regalops Stud) Tel: 0131 339 7454 Mob: 07986 452202 Email: kathrynbrownuk@yahoo.co.uk Website: www.scottishdwarflops.co.uk MINI LOPS, DWARF LOPS & GERMAN LOPS (butterfly pattern, orange, sooty fawn & black)

Mrs A Crompton, (Shoremont Stud) Tel: 01706 213365 Email: anne@annecrompton5.wanadoo.co.uk FRENCH LOPS (rew, agouti, opal, steel & butterfly) MINI LOPS (bew)

Mrs P Fletcher, (Lady Stud)  Tel: 01827 286880 Mob: 07580 246755 MINIATURE & DWARF LOPS (various colours)

Mrs P Freeland  Tel: 07563 564561 Email: bunnypenny.com@gmail.com FRENCH LOPS (red, black, butterfly & opal) MINI LOPS (choc & orange)

Mr J Murdoch   Tel: 01835 863188 Email: jimlindakeeva@yahoo.co.uk MINI LOPS (black, sooty fawn & butterfly)

Mrs J Rommell, (Cobbycroft Stud) Tel: 01964 614291 Mob: 07794 253796 Email: jorommell@cobbycroft.co.uk FRENCH LOPS (agouti, steel, self & butterfly), MINIATURE LOPS (black & blue, otter), THRIANTA & MINIATURE REX (siamese

Mrs A M Sedgwick Tel: 01597 823295 Mob: 07799 774754 Email: geoff.sedgwick@btinternet.com MINIATURE LOPS (black fox & chinchilla)

Mrs A Taylor Tel: 01676 540265 Mob: 07929 314356 Email: annetaylor.ghost@gmail.com MINIATURE LOPS (red agouti, otter black, orange & choc tort) DWARF LOPS (rew, sooty & beige)
Ms J Clark, Mob: 07950 643352 Email: poppyfieldstud@hotmail.com Website: www.poppyfieldstud.co.uk NETHERLAND
DWARFS (sealpoint, beige, orange & fawn)

Mrs M A Edwards & Mrs L Askem, (Devereux Stud) Tel: 01923 231561 Mob: 07732 541145 Email: marionaedwards@gmail.com NETHERLAND DWARFS (chinchilla, agouti, blue otter & black otter) Mrs A Saunders Tel: 01603 810331 NETHERLAND DWARFS (himalayan)
Mr P Hopkins, (Raven Stud) Tel: 01206 511016 Mob: 07951 841855 Email: ravenstud@btinternet.com THRIANTAS, TRI DUTCH (all colours) & DWARF FOX (choc & rew)

Mr David Prince (The Meissner Stud) Mob: 07753607064 Email: themeissnerstud@sky.com Website: www.themeissnerstud.co.uk Registered Breeder concentrating on MEISSNER LOPS
Mrs A M Sedgwick Tel: 01597 823295 Mob: 07799 774754 Email: geoff.sedgwick@btinternet.com MINIATURE REX (black otter & chocolate otter)

Search American Directory

Because of the ever changing nature of the American breeder list, I thought it best to just include a link to the ARBA rabbit breeders list as it is the most comprehensive and up to date one that I know of.

Please click here to see the rabbit breeders lists for America. (Opens in a new window)

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Why Should I Get on the Directory?

If your rabbitry is not in this directory and you think it should be then you can submit your rabbitry to the rabbit breeders directory.

Add your rabbit breeding details to the appropriate list by completing the form below. 

  • Q. "Why should I add my rabbitry?" you may wonder.
  • A. "Lots of prospective clients! - Through the very powerful software, widgets, gadgets and robot stuff going on on this site, the search engines are ranking this directory quite high, which means there is a lot of traffic coming by and checking out your details.It's a bit like having a shop in the middle of Oxford Street or Times Square - Lots of potential customers!

    When you submit your rabbitry details, make sure you write a good description of your business that the search engine robots will find. Specific keywords that are relevant to your business will be important to anyone looking for a rabbit breeder in your area. So make sure you include everything you do.

  • Q. "How will this help my business?"
  • A. "Having a quick 'turn-around' of rabbits will ensure your continued success. Rabbits are much happier when they are not over-crowded and they have more space to run and play.

    Also, selling your baby rabbits quickly (when they are ready of course) will ensure your doe gets pregnant again in the shortest possible time! Meaning, more rabbits, more selling and more profit!

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Footnote About This Breeders Directory

Just Rabbits is unable to give any guarantee as to the health, fertility or suitability as a Show animal of the stock being sold, neither can we give any guarantee as to whether any rabbit conforms to the Breed Standard.

Although the persons registered with this Directory are either BRC or ARBA members where stated, it is the responsibility of the individuals concerned to check that the rabbits are healthy and of the required standard prior to purchasing.

All sales and purchases of rabbits which might take place following a contact made through this Directory is the responsibility of the buyer and seller respectively and Just Rabbits is involved only as a means of introducing prospective purchasers to breeders of a particular breed of rabbit.

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