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Changing Your Brand / Type of Rabbit Food

If you are changing your rabbit's food for any reason, such as adoption, fostering, health reasons or age etc, then please follow these Steps to Change Rabbit Food...

I have listed only the very best quality products that are truly 'value-for-money', which means you don't have to trawl the Web trying to find exactly the right products for you to have healthy, happy, bunnies.

Not all rabbit owners choose to include rabbit pellets in their bunny's diet. Many choose to give their rabbits a selection of fruit and vegetables and lots of hay and grasses instead. Find out more about diet here...

Pellet Rabbit Food

I have selected the dried pellet rabbit foods below based on their quality and ingredients but you should read the descriptions carefully to make sure you choose the right food for your rabbit's age, general health and breed.

I have not included muesli-style foods as dried food of this type have been documented as being unhealthy for rabbits of any age or condition. (Read more here...)

Rabbit Food For UK Delivery

As you can see there are many varieties of rabbit food available and most good suppliers will give you the option of buying a trial size pack. This way you can really see which one your rabbit will prefer by trying each brand first.

You must remember, however, to follow the 'change of brand' steps with any change of diet.

Just Rabbits Recommends...



Naturally the highest fibre veterinary recommended monocomponent diet available for rabbits.

Making a Change in Rabbit Food

Anxiety & Stress
Believe it or not, changing your rabbit's diet suddenly and quickly can cause anxiety and stress in rabbits. Like most animals they are comforted by routine and any changes to that routine can upset some nervous or sensitive bunnies.

It's a Gut Feeling
Changing their diet effects their inside too. The gut of a rabbit doesn't work like most other animals and a change of diet can cause problems. (More on the working of a rabbit's gut here...)

Steps to Changing Your Rabbit's Diet

  1. Rescue Rabbit Change of Diet Steps
    If you have adopted your rabbit from a rescue centre or animal shelter then that is fantastic, just remember to ask for a small bag of the pellets they have been eating. In most cases the rescue centre will oblige, however, if this is not possible, ask for the brand and purchase a small sample packet from your local pet store or online. Feed your new rabbit these pellets exclusively for about 4 days of being home with you.
  2. Starting the Change At Home
    Start mixing the original pellets with a little of the new pellet food. You may find that even after a few days the new food is still being refused and left in the bowl. This is normal so stick with it.
  3. Continue Mixing
    Keep mixing the same amount of new pellets to the original pellet brand for at least 3 or 4 days.
  4. Protest Behaviour
    Sometimes rabbits can protest so much to a new type of food that they even urinate over it, so make sure when you are filling up the bowl that you are not re-using wet or soiled food.
  5. Ratio Changes
    Gradually change the pellet ratio, reducing the amount of original pellet food and increasing the amount of new pellets. NB - Remember to not increase their overall amount of dried food. (If you are unsure about quantities, please check here...
  6. Happy Bunny!
    Your rabbit should be comfortable eating the new food after about a week of gentle persuasion. You may find that they actually prefer it to their old brand, and much later on, if you try give them their old food, they'll turn their noses up at it.

Homemade Rabbit Food & Treats

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