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names for pair of rabbits

I've put together some bunny names that I think really suit a pair of rabbits. Most of them are good for a bonded female and male but some are good if you have two of the same sex too.

You may also mix and match of course, so you may find a name on these bunny name generators too:


Share Your Names

I bet you can think of some good bunny names. What are your pet rabbits called?

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You may help someone who's stuck for a good name!

Kisses & Cuddles

Choosing the perfect names for your pair of rabbits is an important business! Rabbits learn to respond to their names and you'll be using them for many years so each name has to be right. All rabbits have their own unique personalities so they need their own unique name too!

My son named our present rabbits 'Kisses and Cuddles' which took weeks to finally decide on by the way. This rabbit name generator would have come in very handy then, I can tell you!

The bunny names you choose can say a lot about you but it also tells others about the nature of your pair of rabbits. The right choice of names for your pair of rabbits lets people know if your rabbits are friendly, grumpy, shy or even slightly mental and scary. You would readily go ahead and pick up or cuddle a rabbit called 'Flipper' but would you feel the same about a grumpy rabbit prone to biting if he was called 'Jaws'?

This bunny name generator has over 200 names for rabbits that would be great for bunnies that are kept in pairs. The name choices that are given range from famous couples throughout history, couples that are in the spotlight now, and of course movie star couples, to names that, well, just go together, like 'Peaches and Cream'!

Whatever breed your pair of bunnies are, try to choose names that fit with each rabbits' personality - it's almost as important as naming your children for goodness sake! (he he, have fun!)

Pair of Rabbits Names

Click the "Name My Brace"
Your random names for a pair of rabbit will appear below.

No good? - Have another go!

Have a play around, and remember this is just for fun but it might jog your thinking and help you come up with some names of your own!

Footnote About Rabbit Name Generators

The bunny name generator has been developed using an out-sourced code but has been modified and personally populated with names by me.

I know how difficult (and important) it is to give your pet rabbit the right name so...

I carefully researched all the bunny names I have ever come across on the Web, in books and also from the bunny-related hotpot of info that was already in my head, (locked away in some deep dark recess no doubt) and came up with these comprehensive rabbit naming generators just for you.

Hopefully, it might help you with your final decision!

What's Yours Called?

If you have any rabbit names that are swirling around in your head just itching to get out, then please share. It would be great to see what you come up with.

I personally think the weirder, the better, but I do like those good old fluffy, cute names that are unmistakably rabbit!

What Are Your Favourite Rabbit Names?

I've heard of some really ingenious rabbit names and I'm sure you have too.

What are your pet bunnies called? List some of your favourites!

If you have found inspiration from the names offered here, let us know, we'd love to know which name you finally decided on and WHY!

What Other Visitors Have Listed

Click below to see contributions from other visitors to this Rabbit Names page...

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My Crazy Names 
I've got some good crazy rabbit names: Crickett (mini lop) Tyler (rex/dutch) Furrgus (holland lop) Clover (silver helicopter lop) Rodeo (black mini …

My Rabbits Not rated yet
Punch and Judy Poppy and Daisy

Perfect names for your bunny couples  Not rated yet
Oliver and Mavis (these are my buns names and Mavis suits her little old lady style name) Mango and Peaches Sugar and Spice Tinker and Belle Nemo …

My favourite names for rabbits  Not rated yet
Here are some of my favourite names for pairs of rabbits: Parsley + Sage Mickey + Minnie Cherry + Blossom Here are some more favourites: Pebbles …

My Favorite Rabbit Names - Buck & Doe Names Not rated yet
Here are some of my favorite bunny rabbit names for buck rabbits and does. Music's Harmony, Melody's Symphony, Twister, Sulley, Ricky & Lucy, Fred …

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