Rabbits Eye Turned White Overnight

by Deb R.

While feeding my rabbit this morning, I noticed that her eye had changed white and had a very thick white discharge from it.

I wiped away the discharge with a clean warm cotton pad. The eye is very red around it. I happened to have some silver spray at home so I have sprayed that on the affected area.

She doesn't seem to be in distress. The vet in our area does not specialize in rabbits...mostly cats and dogs.

I will be purchasing some turmeric to bathe the eye as well. Not sure what else to do. Any suggestions appreciated.

Rabbit is still eating, drinking and pooping normally. Rabbit lives in outdoor large pen with a covered house with straw in it.

I have read about mites, but I'm not sure whether this could be an issue.

Thanks for any input.

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Oct 11, 2015
Infection of eye
by: Anonymous

Hi. My rabbit had a similar infection from another rabbit nipping at her, and nicking the corner of her lower eyelid. I took her to a local rabbit-savvy vet, who administered a small vaccine of pennecellin to kill the bacteria. The abcess cleared up in three days.

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