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Why Just Rabbits?

A Vision with a Purpose...

Circumstances have led me to create this Just Rabbits Web site, and what started as a hobby in 2013 developed into a Limited company and full time business in 2015.

Now I spend most of my time either making, growing or building something for rabbits, or writing, creating or sourcing something for their owners.

(I think my poor son thinks it's all just rabbits with me and I have to give him extra cuddles to make up for it, I wish there was more time in the day!)

Kerry Greener - Just Rabbits Limited

Here at Just Rabbits we will do our very best to help you with whatever it is you want to know, you just have to ask the right question that's all! ;-)

You can find out more about Kerry & Just Rabbits here, and don't forget to join the Rabbit Report for even more helpful updates, news, stories, tips and ideas to help you live the best life with rabbits!

I'm Kerry Greener, founder and Director of Just Rabbits Limited.I'm Kerry Greener Director of Just Rabbits Limited.

Find out why Kerry started this website here.

The many hundreds of pages within this huge site are all chocked full of rabbit facts, rabbit history, rabbit breed profiles, care tips, bunny diet advice and loads more. (Look at the menu links above and on the right and you'll see just a few).

A Fresh Approach

This comprehensive care guide to raising rabbits is a place where bunny lovers from around the world can learn and share together.

There's a lot to learn about rabbits and how to look after them properly. Looking after rabbits has changed a lot since the 1900s and fortunately it is still evolving.

There's always new information out there, and fresh approaches to common problems, plus innovative ways of raising rabbits to be happy and healthy in the most natural way possible.

The main aim of  Just Rabbits Limited is to bring new innovations, information and guides about rabbits to keep you properly informed and updated throughout your life with bunnies.

A Good Place to Start

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FREE 10 Rabbit Facts, Every Clever Newbie Needs to Know!FREE 10 Rabbit Facts, Every Clever Newbie Needs to Know!

Share & Learn
I'm so passionate about my pet bunnies, that I felt the need to share everything I've learned over the years, especially about raising rabbits the modern way and allow you to do the same. Together we can make sure that all rabbits are cared for in the proper way. Kerry Greener - Just Rabbits Limited

Rabbits as Pets

I love them all, but here its
all about just rabbits

This site is dedicated to caring for rabbits for pets, not food! 

Although there are many people all over the world who raise rabbits for meat, fur and laboratory testing, this site is not the place to help with that. 

Here, the information on rabbits and how to raise rabbits and bunnies, is dedicated to caring for rabbits as pets and just rabbits by the way, no dogs, cats, budgies or guinea pigs will creep in here!

Happy Hoppers

Knowing how to keep rabbits so they are happy throughout the whole of their surprisingly long lives, will give you a great sense of achievement, and raising rabbits in a loving, caring environment will only add to your pleasure.

We hope you enjoy learning and sharing on this site as much as we did creating it.

More Great Content From Just Rabbits Limited

There are over 400 pages of content on this site so I'm sure if you are searching for something rabbit related, it's here somewhere!

Here's some to get you started...

(It's OK, it's not a race, take your time, enjoy... the tortoise wins remember!)

iRabbit READY System
iRabbit READY System - Complete 3 Step System to Finally Understand the Formula for Happy, Healthy Bunnies, Forever. Discover how easy it is to be completely Rabbit-Savvy in 3 Easy Steps, Includes Guides, Reports, Charts & Infographics Galore!
Rabbit Facts
Rabbit facts that are crucial when deciding if pet rabbits are for you. A great checklist for anyone considering a pet rabbit for the first time.
Rabbit History - The Rise of the Domestic Rabbit
Rabbits have been around over 3000 years. Domestic rabbit history goes back over 2000 years when the European rabbit was introduced to Italy. Later the showing of rabbits was called The Fancy.
Rabbit Genetics
Rabbit genetics - learn the main coat colors, get a genetics calculator, learn about the dwarf gene, eye colour and the albino gene.
Rabbit Anatomy - Body Systems & Functions
Explanation of the inner workings of the rabbit anatomy and systems including digestive, urinary, respiratory, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal and reproductive systems.
Rabbits Habitat
Rabbits habitat include meadows, woods, forests, grasslands, deserts & wetlands. They live in a colony with a burrow system called warrens - recreate these for your pet rabbits, they'll love it!
Rabbit Language & Rabbit Sounds
Sounds and body movements and gestures are all part of rabbit language. Your rabbit is talking to you everyday. Hear some sounds here!
Rabbit Behaviour - Do You Have a Happy Bunny?
Don't get stressed out if you can't understand your rabbit behaviour. Biting, growling, thumping are signs of anger but binkying, purring & flopping are all signs of a happy bunny. It's fascinating!
Rabbit Training
You may not know this but rabbit training is relatively easy to achieve. Rabbits are intelligent - clicker training makes litter box training easy along with so harness training and even jumping!
Rabbit Bonding
Rabbit bonding is important as it offers companion animals for bored, lonely and depressed rabbits. New introductions for rabbits can be difficult though - find the solutions here!
Rabbit Breeds
There are over 50 rabbit breeds and over 500 different varieties - see the full comprehensive list here, including weight, shape, fur type, colour, abbreviation codes and country of origin.
Lop Eared Rabbits
Lop eared rabbits include Cashmere Lop, Dwarf Lop, English Lop, French Lop, German Lop, Miniature Lion Lop, Holland Lop & Velveteen Lop - learn about each breed in detail.
Types of Rabbits - Domestic Breeds
Is this the complete list for all the different types of rabbits? Which is your favourite breed? Add YOUR photos too!
Pet Rabbits
Want Pet Rabbits? Here's a New Rabbit Checklist, Good Pet Rabbit Breeds, Bunny Name Chooser and Rabbit Facts - everything you need to know about keeping rabbits as pets.
Rabbits as Pets - Top 10 Rabbit Breeds
Top 10 rabbits as pets: for children, indoors, outdoors & companionship. Plus 10 Simple Ways to Choose YOUR best breed. Are you prepared? Get the Ultimate New Rabbit Checklist!
New Rabbit Checklist - For Indoor or Outdoor Pet Rabbits
Yearning for a pet rabbit, or have new bunnies in your life? Here's a New Rabbit Checklist - diet, home, litterboxes, grooming equipment, toys & bonding. It's all here... Are you ready for rabbits?
Rabbit Names for a Pair of Rabbits
This rabbit names generator, with over 500 perfect names for your pair of rabbits, hundreds of top male bunny names and really cute female bunny rabbit names, your brain will be a happy bunny too!
House Rabbits - Complete Guide to Living With a House Bunny
Behaviours & needs of indoor house rabbits - harness & litter box training, house bunny proofing, necessary supplies, indoor diet, exercise & grooming and socializing with you & other animals.
Indoor Rabbits Health
Your house rabbits health is important... Here's some things to look out for when looking after indoor bunnies, plus a super little health checklist
Indoor Rabbit Diet
The indoor rabbit diet needs a more attention than you might think; they can't forage for themselves and rely on you for all their dietry & exercise needs. Here's the basics...
Good Bunny House Living Arrangements
Good bunny house living arrangements. Why does it make sense to have a rabbit live with you in the house? Find out this and more here...
Adopt a Bunny - Rabbit Adoption Procedure
If you want to adopt a bunny there are a few procedures you may like to know. Most rabbit rescue centres have the same process - Do you have what it takes?
Rescue Rabbits
Please don't buy a rabbit - Rescue rabbits need you... There are thousands of rabbits abandoned every month that need homes like yours!
Breeding Rabbits
A comprehensive guide to breeding rabbits at home as a hobby and tips & advice for professional breeders with full scale rabbitries. Answers to questions on all aspects of rabbit husbandry.
Pet Rabbit Guide
New to rabbits? This pet rabbit guide gives you facts, reports, checklists, free downloads and information galore - everything you need for choosing a pet rabbit!
Rabbit Care - General Care Guide
Rabbit care guide with baby bunny care, rabbits diet , rabbit health care advice and rabbit diseases, a guide to handling rabbits and providing the right rabbit house, rabbit cage & rabbit shelter.
Rabbits Diet - What Can Rabbits Eat?
So what can rabbits eat? Here's a comprehensive guide - safe & unsafe food lists, toxic and poisonous food and what rabbit treats & natural rabbit food are good sources of nutrition in a rabbits diet.
Rabbit Food - Reviews & Recommendations
Good quality rabbit food is a crucial aspect of a healthy rabbit's diet. Here is the best starting point to discover the very best quality products & advice, including 7 surprising fundamentals!
Types of Rabbit Hay
There are so many different types of rabbit hay, but which has the best nutritional content and what is right for your bunny?
Rabbit Health Care - Raising Healthy Rabbits
Rabbit health care and vet advice on rabbit diseases & neutering rabbits with health check list. Rabbit grooming tips, sick rabbit behavior, pet insurance review and more on raising healthy rabbits.
Rabbit Diseases
A fully comprehensive, All-in-One-Place reference guide with symptoms, causes, treatments, and care & prevention advice for the most common & uncommon rabbit diseases, illnesses & injuries.
Vet Advice
Rabbit savvy vet advice advice from the experts. Ask a rabbit related question online and get an immediate qualified response from a vet that really knows about rabbit and bunnies.
Handling Rabbits
Techniques for handling rabbits correctly with videos. Learn to how to gain your rabbits trust, relax your rabbit, pick up and place down a rabbit, handle nervous rabbits and use a rabbit carrier.
Rabbit Grooming
Rabbit grooming is important for keeping your rabbits clean and healthy but it also serves as valuable 'bonding' time between you.
Rabbit Hutches - Reviews, Plans & Hutch Directory
Choose a big hutch or a double decker rabbit hutch for your rabbit house - Here's an overview of outdoor rabbit hutches, indoor rabbit hutches, rabbit hutch plans and a rabbit hutch directory.
Rabbit Runs & Pens
Rabbit runs & rabbit pens provide access to important exercise and play time for rabbits, they need a rabbit play pen if housed indoors and a rabbit hutch and run if kept outside. More run fun here...
Rabbit Shelter - Protection, Refuge & Safety
Learn the importance of providing rabbit shelter for protection against predators, weather and disease, insect repelling plants and providing safe refuge for hiding, shade and rest.
Indoor Rabbit Cages
There are pros and cons to indoor rabbit cages but if you do this right your indoor bunny will look forward to bed time and be happy and content in their cosy cage or indoor house.
Rabbit House - Living & Sleeping
Where does your bunny live? Do they have the right size rabbit house? The RWAF knows a hutch is not enough. What else makes a rabbit happy - Find out all the important factors here...
Rabbit Bedding
Rabbit bedding reviewed - Is yours good enough to eat? What's the difference between rabbit litter and bunny bedding? Why is sawdust so bad for rabbits? What's good for indoor AND outdoor rabbit beds?
Just Rabbits Membership
Just Rabbits Membership Plans - All packages have the same great benefits with the option of different timescales, from 7 days, 30 days and yearly plans, making flexibility the key for every member.
Just Gotta Have It!
These super, innovative, funky and original rabbit related products and supplies are so great, unique and original, they have to go on your 'gotta have it' list. Vote to have them listed in the store!
Rabbit Resources - Just Rabbits Help Headquarters
Just Rabbits Help Headquarters chocked full of rabbit resources including ebooks, FAQs, show & event diary, plus associations, councils, & charity campaigns
Rabbit eBooks
Rabbit eBooks, rabbit guides, rabbit infographics, documents and digital downloads to help you become a real rabbit savvy expert in all manner of modern rabbit care and well-being.
Information on Rabbits - eBook Downloads
eBook downloads packed full of information on rabbits from breeding rabbits with secret tips to success, to caring for house rabbits and insights in to keeping your rabbits ecstatically happy!
What Do Rabbits Eat? And Other Frequently Asked Questions
So what do rabbits eat? Answers to popular rabbit lovers questions. Ask a question or give advice yourself, be part of this growing pet rabbit community.
Pictures of Rabbits - Just Rabbits Photo Gallery
Stunning pictures of rabbits in streaming videos - beautiful rabbit images, loved and owned by you, famous rabbits, bunnies in the news, rabbits from history - Beautiful fluffy bunnies at their best!
Rabbit Shows & Events
Local rabbit shows & sponsored events, rabbit show jumping, rabbit dressage, rabbit hopping, BRC & ARBA national & worldwide show details. Promote your local show!
Animal Welfare Act Petition
Sign and support the Just Rabbits Animal Welfare Act Petition to update and include environment and companionship codes of practice for the domestic pet rabbit.
Rabbit Organizations
Rabbit Organizations exist to help domesticated and wild rabbits throughout the whole world. Many are doing a wonderful job of raising awareness - read more here...
ARBA - American Rabbit Breeders Association
ARBA - American Rabbit Breeders Association is the main governing body for rabbit breeds & standards in the USA. What do they do? Find out here...
BRC - British Rabbit Council
BRC - British Rabbit Council & ARBA - American Rabbit Breeders Association; the main bodies governing rabbit breeds & standards. Learn their history, tasks, standards & other rabbit organizations
The RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) rescue, rehabilitate and rehome hundreds of thousands of animals each year in England and Wales.
Rabbit Rescue Centres
Rabbit rescue Centres in the UK by county search
Raising Rabbits - Just Rabbits & Me
Just Rabbits & Me - From the age of 6 I knew rabbits were very misunderstood. This comprehensive guide to raising rabbits, rabbit care and rabbit forum is for rabbit lovers everywhere.
Love Bunnies and Rabbits? Contact Me With Your News
For those who love bunnies and rabbits, raise rabbits and want to learn about everything bunny, you can contact me here. I'd love to hear from you!
The Rabbit Report - Just Rabbits Online Newsletter
The Amazing Rabbit Report gives you 5 wonderful ways you can dramatically improve your life with rabbits. An awesome journey of fascination, intrigue, wealth, happiness & FUN, designed around YOU!
Just Rabbits Blog
The Just Rabbits Blog keeps you up-to-date with all additions and changes to the Web site. Subscribe here.
Just Rabbits Readers
Who are Just Rabbits readers? They are people just like you that all have a story to tell. This page looks at a few special readers with exceptional stories to share.
Just Rabbits Administration HQ
Just Rabbits Administration HQ - Links to privacy policy, advertising terms & opportunities, cookie control, terms and conditions and sitemap
Just Rabbits Privacy Policy
Be reassured your information is safe with Just Rabbits. Find out what kind of information I collect and what I do with it.
Just Rabbits Terms and Conditions
Standard Terms and Conditions for interaction with the Just Rabbits website.
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Learn how you and your business can benefit from advertising on the Just Rabbits website - But there is a strict criteria - do you fit the profile?
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