2 Year Old Rabbit - But New to Me!

by Cassandra
(San Jose, CA)

This is Domino. He doesn't sit still for pictures very well, haha

This is Domino. He doesn't sit still for pictures very well, haha

This is Domino. He doesn't sit still for pictures very well, haha
Domino Bunny Gets New Lease of Life
Domino ... 'the Sweetest Thing Ever

2 Year Old Rabbit - But New to Me!

Having Some Diet Issues...

My little sister had 2 pet rabbits. One, unfortunately died a year ago, so its just Domino. He's about 2 years old, neutered and the sweetest thing ever.

I just moved home, and I was always the one that played with him the most. My little sister was the one that took care of him, but she hated doing it.

He lived in a wooden hutch in our garage, but did not get the attention he needed or deserved. So I moved home and then moved him into my room.

Hes been there for about a month now, and he is a completely different rabbit now. He plays and runs, and bugs me for attention, if he thinks hes not getting enough, (and trust me, hes been getting plenty now!)

He's adjusted very well to the spoiled life he has now, lol.

During the day, he's in his cage in my room, but then when I get home he has free range of my room.

We're still working on being fully litter trained. And because we rent, we cant risk him running around the whole house and ruining the carpets.

But he seems happy. He loves to cuddle in bed or bite my toes until I play with him.

But anyways, I was wondering what else I can do for him....

I have gotten a few different brands of food. He wont eat the pellets, only the dried veggies and fruit around them. I give him fresh hay every day. and then fresh lettuce and carrots every few days. I looked up a list of other fresh fruits and veggies that are safe to get more into his diet since I'm not sure if hes eating enough since he doesnt like any of the pellets in the different bags. Does anyone have a good, healthy brand they would recommend? or had the same problem with their rabbits...

And also, does anyone have recommendations for different toys, or treats? I don't want him to be bored when I'm not home... hes become very active and playful in the last month.

He doesn't like the yougurt bites, but he does like the National Geographic Power Snaps.

I just want to make sure I am doing everything I can for him. He's almost like a rescue rabbit. I feel even more guilty that he was 'rescued' from my sister... But, I also don't know that much about rabbits so I've been researching and asking questions at pet stores. But other people answering questions would really help too!!

Thank you for any feedback! Its greatly appreciated.

I want my bunny to be happy and healthy. :)

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Sep 22, 2016
food for domino
by: vickie

iceburg lettuce is not good for rabbits. it dehydrates them. you can look on pintrest for many bunny tips!

May 09, 2016
The Domino Effect
by: Kerry

Hi Cassandra,

Thanks for sharing! What a lovely story with a nice happy ending/beginning for Domino.

It sounds to me like you are doing all the right things, at the right time! It also appears, with the interaction you two are having, that Domino is really enjoying his new-found lease of life too!

Regarding the food... The transition from one type of food to another can take time and must be done gradually because of the way a rabbit's gut works... (I go into depth on this in my new iRabbit Ready Learning Program - A gradual hand-holding system for all newbie rabbit owners to learn at their own pace, as they go from 'newbie rabbit owner' to 'experienced rabbit owner' - Sign up for the 'Rabbit Report' for more details coming soon) ... but as a start off I recommend you transition to some wonderful pellets called Science Selective.

I have probably tried and tested every type of food on the market out there (including American brands) and all my rabbits are much healthier and happier on Science Selective. It has the right amount of protein & fibre and stops fussy, carb addicted bunnies from picking out certain types of food, as it comes in a plain pellet with everything together. In fact now my rabbit's will not eat any other brand. However, there are many other brands that have similar fibre to protein ratios and like I said more details are in the iRabbit Ready System.

Toys-wise, you can make your own! Rabbits love interactive toys where they can use their natural 'wild' rabbit instincts on. Such as dangling treats, tossing toys, tunnels toys, digging games, etc (By the way... there are some DIY home toys and games included in the new iRabbit Ready System too!)

So, it's all good... You are doing everything you should be. Domino is lucky to have such a caring, hands on 'bunny-mamma'!

Good luck with your adventures together. And I'm sure there are others out there that will share their advice and stories with you...

Thanks again for sharing
Just Rabbits Limited

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