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As Defined by RAW -Rabbit Awareness Week

Rabbit Awareness Week usually occurs in May of each year and Just Rabbits Limited always shows its support by offering a store wide promotion on all their supplies and gifts.

We also stay 'all hands on deck' to assist any rabbit owners with queries or problems during that week, with extra staff on hand to deal with your emails and enquiries!

But what is RAW all about? Read more here...

Their focus is always centred around the overall well-being of domestic pet rabbits and aims to bring enlightened awareness to new pet rabbit owners and those that may need extra help and support.

The main areas of rabbit well-being are:

The 5 Rabbit Welfare Needs

The 5 rabbit welfare needs are:

  1. Environment
  2. Behaviour
  3. Diet
  4. Company
  5. Health

This is what Just Rabbits Limited is so passionate about and so we have developed a whole educational system around these basic areas.

All of these fundamental areas are covered in detail in the Just Rabbits iRabbit READY System and are broken down in to 3 main Steps...

  1. Health - This step covers Health & Diet and looks at disease prevention, foods and exercise.
  2. Environment - This step addresses the indoor and outdoor Environment, including housing & safety.
  3. Emotion - This step deals with Behaviour & Company and especially stress related issues.

The iRabbit READY 3 Step System

The 7 Fundamentals of Rabbit Health
- Redefine old thinking with this easy to understand revolutionary information, reports and fact-sheets. Including...

  • Diet and Weight Control - With Safe & Unsafe Food Lists to ensure you're never unsure about what to feed your rabbit. Great for giving to bunny-sitters, saving you writing out lists of diet and care instructions!
  • Disease Prevention Guide - With Behaviour Symptom Check Chart to give you piece of mind when a vet is not available. Put a stop to those costly vet trips. (I have a 10 yr old Rex that has never seen a vet for sickness or disease, ever.)
  • Vet Services Overview & FAQs - Got Questions? Neutering? Chipping? Vaccinations? Surgery? Don't worry, it's all here! Plus, get support from other community members, extra piece of mind for you and less stress for your rabbits. 
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The 5 Vitals of Environment - Explore important housing & environment requirements of indoor and outdoor buns with these super helpful guides and examples. Including...

  • Housing & Exercise Reports - Get the RSPCA & RWAF guides on size & check out some fabulous ideas on housing alternatives. Leave the guess-work & indecisions behind and get truly inspired.
  • Shelter & Protection TipsDiscover why these two fundamentals are so vital to rabbit well-being. Understand where to put your rabbit house & why, saving hours of research time and expensive mistakes!
  • Playtime Tips - Toys, Games & Stimulation Ideas - Plus 3 super fun DIY toys to make yourself! Save a fortune on bunny toys and games by utilizing common items found around your home, cheap, simple, and quick fun for you and your buns!
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The 11 Elusive Emotions - Uncover the hidden gems of a truly happy rabbit, plus reveal how easy and simple it is to get your bunnies to love and trust you. Including...

  • BFFs, Mates & Dates - Bonding basics & rabbit hierarchy, finally putting you in control and on the path to bunny rabbit mastery. Eliminate doubt about whether you are doing the right thing once and for all.
  • The Emphasis of Stress - Help for all rabbits that may be suffering in silence, nurture a sick, or stressed rabbit back to perfect health and create a new bond between you that will truly stand the test of time.
  • The Power of Touch - Including ideas to help shy or grumpy bunnies become your best-buds! Seeing the amazing results and difference in a shy, or otherwise grumpy rabbit, boost your confidence, and make all involved feel so good!

Watch the Video Presentation Here...

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The 5 Rabbit Welfare Needs as Defined by RAW

RAW - Rabbit Awareness Week

Together with Rabbit Awareness Week we can stop pet rabbits getting a RAW deal!

This year we are focussing on the 5 Rabbit Welfare Needs of domestic bunnies (indoor and outdoor rabbits), and in particular looking at 5 fundamental areas of complete rabbit health and well-being.

These 5 rabbit welfare needs are:

  1. Environment
  2. Behaviour
  3. Diet
  4. Company
  5. Health

Let's take a look at each one in more detail...

1. Environment

Given a choice rabbits will almost always prefer being outside, and those bunnies that currently don't like being outside probably haven't had the opportunity to really 'experience' it. Avid indoor dwellers take comfort in the safety that is offered to them indoors. This environment is familiar. The area they occupy inside is what they know and understand to be the equivalent of a burrow, therefore going outside is strange, unfamiliar, and mostly quite scary!

This page will debate about rabbit housing in greater depth.

But environment is not just about housing.

It's also about Shelter & Protection – These two fundamentals are vital to rabbit well-being and knowing where to put your rabbit home and what you put in it are also very important.

You can get the complete low down on all aspects of environment, shelter & protection with RSPCA & RWAF guides on housing size, plus check out some fabulous ideas on housing alternatives. Get truly inspired here...

2. Behaviour

A sick, ill or injured rabbit will rarely show any signs of stress or pain. This is because they are a prey species, and many predators are out to get them round every corner, so showing any sign of weakness usually marks them as an easy target.

Signs that a rabbit may be suffering from stress or fear can be fairly obvious sometimes but some rabbit behaviour related to illness or injury, is difficult to spot.

The responsibility of their health and well-being falls upon you, their main carer.

With this in mind, it is important to understand a rabbit's normal behaviour and natural habits in order to recognise the 'abnormal' or irregular behaviour.

Fear, pain, stress, boredom and sickness will generally be indicated with changes in behaviour and habits.

Changes in routine, personality, sounds and actions should all be carefully monitored on a daily basis.

Just Rabbits has developed a great Behaviour & Symptom Check Chart that shows some basic signs to watch out for, possible causes and actions to aid and speed recovery. You can get it here...

3. Diet

With so many rabbits dying prematurely of digestive tract problems the diet issue must be addressed as a matter of urgency.

Diet and Weight Control are very important and knowing what to feed and what not to feed your rabbits are the most commonly asked questions we get!

We deal with these issues with our Safe & Unsafe Food Lists in Step One of the iRabbit READY system to ensure you're never unsure about what to feed your rabbit. Great for giving to bunny-sitters, saving you writing out lists of diet and care instructions!

A rabbits diet is a fundamental part of their overall care and quality of life but exactly what do rabbits eat?

If you asked 100 people on the street that same question, you'd be amazed by the answers!

To find out everything you need to know about the correct diet and nutritional needs for your rabbits, click here...

4. Company

Company is vital for rabbits and it is recommended rabbits live in pairs (minimum). However bonding two rabbits together can be a very difficult undertaking with many rabbit owner giving up before the rabbits are friends.

Learning about bonding basics and especially rabbit hierarchy, can put you in control and on the path to bunny rabbit mastery.

Helping rabbits that may be suffering in silence, sick, or stressed can create a bond between you and your rabbits as well!

To find out everything you need to know about giving your rabbits the love and company they need for a happy, healthy and long life, click here...

5. Health

Rabbit health can be broken down in to many fundamental areas and Just Rabbits has covered all the important ones to get you started on the right road to bunny rabbit mastery!

Disease Prevention is top of the list and with our Behaviour & Symptom Check Chart rabbit owners have reported great results and in many cases have saved them a fortune in vet trips!

"Just to give you an idea of the success of this information, I  have a 10 yr old Rex rabbit that has never seen a vet for sickness or disease, ever. Rex rabbits are universally known to only reach ages of around 8 years!"

As we all know the health of our rabbits has many dependant factors and most of these factors are relevant and present before we even know about them or even before they come home with us!

However, having a rabbit savvy vet nearby to take care of any eventuality or emergency situation has sometimes tipped the balance between life and death.

But sometimes we just get flummoxed and bamboozled by the process and many normal procedures become too much for us to understand. This is why we have broken down some of the more common processes and explained them in more detail, such as:

  • Neutering
  • Chipping
  • Vaccinations
  • Surgery

Don't worry, everything about health is all here!

Plus, get support from other community members, extra piece of mind for you and less stress for your rabbits.

What is RAW?

RAW stands for Rabbit Awareness Week and is a worldwide annual campaign that successfully raises the profile of rabbits as pets and encourages owners to seek the right diet, healthcare, veterinary and welfare advice for their domestic pet rabbits.

RAW is a coalition of experts, organisations and welfare charities from the rabbit community of which Just Rabbits Limited is a part of.

We have all come together to support Burgess Excel in their mission to improve public knowledge and awareness of the 5 Rabbit Welfare Needs of domestic pet bunnies.

This year the RAW campaign is focusing on rabbits’ dietary needs, so Kerry Greener will be offering free advice to all rabbit owners that contact her during the RAW campaign week.

Get in touch and I'll do my best to answer any and all of your questions!

Kerry Greener, Director of Just Rabbits Limited said:

“Rabbit Awareness Week is a very important annual campaign and we wanted to be part of the national activity by educating new rabbit owners and potential owners on how to care for their pets in the best possible ways.

Shop owners, retail outlets, on-line sites and places of education can all get involved to really get the message across about pet rabbit ownership this week!

The 5 Rabbit Welfare Needs are excellently laid out in this downloadable FREE Poster Pack.

We look forward to seeing lots of new rabbit owners joining our on-line rabbit community and connecting with us on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

We will have a range of ongoing free advice, tips, offers and promotions all through the week to all our special members and a range of rabbit-themed gifts and discounts on items that promote the emotional enrichment of rabbits to help support and raise awareness of RAW!”

What Others Say About RAW

We know rabbits as 'fibrevores' because fibre is absolutely essential for their dental, digestive and emotional health. Good quality hay and/or grass should make up the majority of a rabbits' diet and should be available at all times.

Good nutrition is easy when you know how!

Matt Brash, TV vet and RAW supporter, said:

“This May, the focus is on raising awareness of rabbits’ dietary requirements. Prevention is always better than cure and most rabbit health problems are easily avoided by simply feeding the correct type of diet; one which is high in beneficial fibre, found in hay and grass foods, and supplemented by nuggets and the right kinds of fresh greens, snacks and plenty of clean water.”

“Happy rabbits need healthy diets and the good news is there are a number of easy ways in which we can help our pet rabbits to be happier. With the support of the veterinary community and the pet retail sector, our primary aim is to educate owners in responsible rabbit ownership and improve the well-being of Britain’s third most popular pet.”

5 Rabbit Welfare Needs

The Animal Welfare Act of 2006 states that pet owners have a legal duty of care to meet the 5 rabbit welfare needs of their domestic indoor or outdoor rabbits.

By law you must meet your pet rabbits requirements for each of these areas listed below:

  1. Environment
  2. Behaviour
  3. Diet
  4. Company
  5. Health

Remember to Treat Your Bunny This Week...

The Just Rabbits Shop Discount will start for all existing and potential rabbit owners at the start of Rabbit Awareness Week.

All enquiries made through the website on the Contact Form will be answered straight away during RAW!

Grab your chance now to get all your questions answered - we are waiting to hear from you!

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