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RSPCA charity rabbits

is to have a world in which all humans respect and live in harmony with members of the animal kingdom.

that how we treat animals defines us not only as people, but also as a society.

we can work to build a better world, where animal welfare is at the heart of everything we do.

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As a charity they have a very distinct mission...

The RSPCA will, by all lawful means, prevent cruelty, promote kindness to and alleviate suffering of all animals.

Working for the Welfare of Pet Animals

Working to improve the welfare of pets by:

  • ensuring that every pet is cared for properly and has a good home
  • ending cruelty to pet animals
  • raising standards for pet animals worldwide
  • stopping pet overpopulation.

These are just four of their goals to help pet animals.

Campaigning for Farm Animals

They aim to improve the lives and reduce the suffering of farm animals by:

  • aiming to have all UK farmed animals kept to RSPCA higher welfare standards
  • improving farm animal welfare legislation and ensuring it is enforced
  • encouraging consumers to replace meat, eggs and dairy products with those from higher welfare production systems
  • ensuring animal products are properly labelled so consumers can make higher welfare choices
  • stopping the live export of farm animals for slaughter from the UK.

These are just five of their goals to help farm animals.

Improving the Welfare of Wild Animals

They aim to improve the welfare of wild animals by:

  • stopping the use of wild animals in circuses
  • making it socially unacceptable to hunt and kill any wild animals in the name of sport
  • ensuring any use of performing animals in the UK follows appropriate guidelines
  • stopping the keeping of exotic animals as pets in unsuitable conditions
  • stopping the ivory trade.

These are just five of their goals to help wild animals.

Working for Animals Used in Research

They aim to reduce the suffering of animals used in research by:

  • challenging the necessity and justification for using animals
  • working to end substantial suffering in experiments
  • raising the welfare standards of laboratory animals worldwide
  • ensuring UK standards are improved as the new European law is implemented.

These are just four of their goals to help animals used in laboratories.

Special Appeals


Rabbit Awareness Week (RAW) is an annual week of events run by participating vets, retailers and rescue centres, that aims to raise awareness of the welfare needs of pet rabbits.

Rabbit Awareness Week 2013 started on 4 May and this year’s hot topic was diet.

To find out more about Rabbit Awareness Week 2014 and to find an event in your local area visit:

Rabbit Welfare Campaign

The new rabbit welfare campaign has begun:

What BUGS a Bunny?

So what’s the answer – and why are we asking?

Sadly, thousands of pet rabbits end up in the care of the RSPCA every year.

They see thousands more in their own homes – which unhappily are often small hutches where the rabbits are kept all day with no company, and no opportunities to play, exercise or graze on grass.

They want to do something about it, as do we all. Read more about it here...

Hay Fever Campaign

Do rabbits get hay fever?


But do they love hay?


Read more about the Hay Fever campaign here...

Contact the RSPCA

To make an enquiry or ask a question use the online enquiry service My RSPCA.

Reporting Animals in Distress
You can use My RSPCA to report a mistreated, neglected, injured or distressed animal, or you can call their 24-hour cruelty line on:

0300 1234 999

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