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Rabbit Report - July 2014
July 31, 2014

Just Rabbits 'Rabbit Report' July 2014

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Cuddle Cafes - Worldwide Craze?!

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The Rabbit Report

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Rabbit Report - Pinit Pinit Pics
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This is just one board of many great bunny photos that have been carefully collected for your tea-break enjoyment.

Feel free to share and add your own! If you have any photos that really need a caption, send it in to us and let's have some fun!

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Bunny of the Month

Rabbit of the Month

Rabbit Rescue Network shared Paws and Claws Photography for Tipton County Animal Shelter's photo. Community · 5,386 Likes

PLEASE SHARE!!! Bunny in need of rescue or adoption!

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Lights ~ Camera ~ Action

Rabbit Report - Film Big is Beautiful

Say hello to Ralph, still the world record holder for the biggest & heaviest rabbit!

He's my kinda guy!

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It's a Deal


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Cuddle Bunny Cafe

Where do you go for a snuggle? The hug-craving Japanese are getting their fix of snuggles from Cuddle Bunny Cafe outlets that are prooving very popular all over Japan!

Continue reading "Cuddle Bunny Cafe"


Hide & Seek

Out of all the games I like to play with my mommy, hide & seek is my favorite! I rock at that game! I always hide behind the TV and my mommy can NEVER...

Continue reading "Hide & Seek"


Amused By Music

Rodney the rescue rabbit loves to lie down and have a green snack. He also likes to listen to music... I was in the play room and heard a rustling...

Continue reading "Amused By Music"


Coffee Having A Kip

Three months after we got 'Coffee', our beloved family pet rabbit, from the RSPCA, she started to settle in with her partner Rodney. Her past life was...

Continue reading "Coffee Having A Kip"


Busy Boy Taking a Rest!

This Mini Rex always seems to be on the move but even CoCo has to take a break every now and then!
What better way to relax then sit on your bed and munch...

Continue reading "Busy Boy Taking a Rest!"


Coco loves his vegetables, even brussel sprouts...YUCK! :)

I was sitting in our living room and kept hearing this little noise..... Was it my fish tanks?
Was it the TV? What was it?! I finally followed the...

Continue reading "Coco loves his vegetables, even brussel sprouts...YUCK! :)"


New Pet Rabbit Supplies Kit

The New Pet Rabbit Supplies Kit contains everything you need to give you and your pet rabbits the very best start in life. Why is it so important - find out here...

Continue reading "New Pet Rabbit Supplies Kit"


Henry - my new mini-lop - but is he cashmere or angora???

We just brought Henry into our family. We got him at the Alameda County Fair. The tag only said, mini-lop.
I wished there was a way to speak to the...

Continue reading "Henry - my new mini-lop - but is he cashmere or angora???"


Relaxing Bun...

Hey take me a good snap.... This little chap really wants to win.
How about your buns? Do they love the camera? Enter now...

Continue reading "Relaxing Bun..."


Rabbit Ate My Parsley - I Ate the Rabbit

Jeanette Winterson says "A rabbit ate my parsley so I ate the rabbit and fed the entrails to my cat", she then posted the images on Twitter!

Continue reading "Rabbit Ate My Parsley - I Ate the Rabbit"


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