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July 03, 2014

Just Rabbits 'Rabbit Report' June 2014

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Rabbit Report - Just Rabbits Newsletter

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Apologies First - Upon return of a well needed Summer break with my 5 year old son (where he learned to swim , clever boy), I discovered the June Rabbit Report was not sent properly. Ooopsie, sorry - so here it is again.
July's Rabbit Report will be along next week. Please forgive me folks!


Announcing the Mori Kei Range!
But What is a Mori Girl?
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The Rabbit Report

Funny Bunny

Funny Bunny Rabbits
Rabbit Report - LMAO Pinit Pic

This is one of many great funny bunny photos that have been captioned for your tea-break giggle.


If you have any photos that really need a caption, send it in to us and let's have some fun!


All funny pictures featured in this newsletter can be viewed on the Just Rabbits Pinterest board - Funny Bunny Rabbits. If you need a little hee-hee moment, and we all do, take a tea-break and have peak...

More Funnies

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Freebies & Discounts

Rabbit Report - Freebies

Rabbit Report - Freebies Great Offers

The lastest and greatest offers from Just Rabbits are right here...

Free Book Delivery Free Delivery on Rabbit Books!
Low Prices on Books About Rabbits, including great children's books & reference guides.
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Get free delivery on all orders over £50 in the new Just Rabbits Shop. Getting all your rabbit supplies delivered is easy, just wait for the postman!

Rabbit Report - Competitions

Rabbit Report - Win You In It to Win It?

If you're feeling lucky today, give them a go - you never know!

Just Rabbits Site Survey Let's Give You a Grillin'
Complete a quick site survey and be entered into the Prize Draw for a £10 voucher to spend in the Just Rabbits Shop.
Lovely jubbly!
Just Rabbits Photo Competition

Photo Competition
Share your adorable bunnies with us. Upload your favourite rabbit photo and win some fab prizes!
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Rabbit Beds 10% Off

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Expert Opinion

Why do bunnies bite?
Why Do Rabbits Bite?

Some rabbit owners give up on their new bunnies only a few months after having them because of signs of aggression. The RSPCA report that rabbits are dumped or given to them at a very early stage because the owners do not appreciate the time and understanding involved in caring for a rabbit. Rabbits need lots of love and attention in their first few months while they settle in and rabbits facing a new environment find it very stressful - the only way they have to handle these stresses is to defend themselves.

This page looks at the reasons why a rabbit may be grouchy, grumpy and aggressive and also gives tips and helpful suggestions on handling nervous rabbits.

Its all about trust and making your bunnies feel safe!

Read More
Normal Rabbit Behaviour
What IS Normal?

You can go a long way to understand your rabbit if you know first what 'normal' behaviour is.

These are the things your rabbits will probably do on a daily basis and are good signs that your bunnies are happy and contented, doing what they are supposed to do.

If a rabbit changes their normal behaviour or routine in any way it could be because they are distressed, bored, ill or injured.

What's Your Rabbit Up To?
We can all learn from studying the behaviour of rabbits, both indoors and outdoors. The more we observe them, the more we learn and the more we can help them live happy, natural lives.

Read More
House Bunny Proofing
House Bunny Proofing Tips

Bunny proofing your home is as important as 'baby' proofing your home. Living with a house rabbit is just like living with a small baby that never grows up!!

House bunny proofing for indoor rabbits means a whole new set of rules, compared to the rules for outdoor rabbits, so you'll need to be prepared BEFORE your little bundle comes in to your home.

There are many reasons why bunny proofing your house is important when you live with a house rabbit.

When a rabbit shares your life with you it's very rewarding but you have to be prepared to keep their environment safe!

Read More



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Lights ~ Camera ~ Action

Rabbit Report - Film Killer or Culler?

Today's video is about authors getting into twitter trouble for killing and eating cute, furry animals.

Being a novelist perhaps Jeanette Winterson felt she had some kind of obligation to her Twitter followers to detail her recent accomplishment in vivid detail, however the words she chose to illustrate her revenge killing of a little garden bunny, upset more people than she probably intended to impress...

What do you think?
See the whole blog post here...

Social Media Commenting

Facebook Post - by Just Rabbits
See what others are saying...

Twitter Post - by Just Rabbits
Really sorry about this post - I nearly didn't write this!

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That's Interesting!

I thought you may like to know, the amazing software I used to make the Just Rabbits website are having a sale!

Take a peek if you are serious about changing your life... I did!

SBI Independence Day Sale

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Bending or Trending

Alice inspired rabbit pocket watch

Bronze Vintage Antique Style Alice in Wonderland Pocket Watch

This beautiful antique style pocket watch has been inspired in design by the popular Alice in Wonderland book by Lewis Caroll.

It has a precise Quartz movement with a high trend Mori girl vintage design style.

The case is highly polished with see-through cut detailing and is made from high quality metal.

It makes a great addition to a formal or casual dressing but is proving very popular as an important part of a Mori Forest Girl outfit.

Look Now
Nautical Bunny Top

Nautical Navy Striped Rabbit Motif Baby Girl Long Sleeve Top/Dress

Look at that lovely bunny rabbit!

A gorgeous appliqued rabbit with a beautiful lace detailing is the perfect accent to this lovely nautical inspired top / dress.

These little dresses feature in some well known childrens boutiques accross the world, so grab yourself a bang on trend bargain straight from the manufacturer.

Go on spoil your little Princess, she'll look adorable!

Buy Now
DIY Rabbit House

eBook Review

DIY Rabbit Houses

These ebook downloads have some great ideas for some superb rabbit houses and homes you can make yourself.

So if your a bit of a dab hand with the tool-box, you may save yourself some cash with these inspirational Do-It-Yourself plans.

Full of great ideas for rabbit housing including all manner of indoor and outdoor furniture ideas - It's everything you'll ever need in one download, makes a great gift too!

Read & Download

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Rabbit Ate My Parsley - I Ate the Rabbit

Jeanette Winterson says "A rabbit ate my parsley so I ate the rabbit and fed the entrails to my cat", she then posted the images on Twitter!

Continue reading "Rabbit Ate My Parsley - I Ate the Rabbit"


Bunny Rabbit Mannequin Madness

Bunny rabbit mannequin madness has finally reached our sane shores and crazy dressed rabbit mannequins can be seen popping up every where - What is this madness?

Continue reading "Bunny Rabbit Mannequin Madness"


Can You Kill & Eat Your Garden Bunnies?

It's all over Twitter and Facebook - Novelist Jeanette Winterson killed and ate a rabbit that was in her garden eating her herbs. She herself posted pictures of the rabbit she killed, cooked and ate, almost as punishment for the bunny crime. But was it right?

Continue reading "Can You Kill & Eat Your Garden Bunnies?"


The Little Forest Mori Girl

A Forest Mori Girl or Mori Kei meaning 'forest style' is a very popular type of Japanese street fashion where the connection with nature & rabbits begins. But where did the original concept come from?

Continue reading "The Little Forest Mori Girl"


Continental rabbits accident and now have babies

I rescued two continental giant rabbits as they were living in an indoor rabbit cage. I was told that they were boys. After having them for 2 months,

Continue reading "Continental rabbits accident and now have babies"


Super Hero Rabbits

Heros come in all shapes & sizes but wait... Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it Mystique? Are these bunnies Xmen rabbits? No, They're Super Rabbits! Here's some super hero rabbits doing their thing...

Continue reading "Super Hero Rabbits"


Lionhead Rabbit

A rabbit with a lion's mane? Yes! The lionhead rabbit is quite a recent breed and just as the name implies the single mane and double mane rabbit makes a striking bunny for show!

Continue reading "Lionhead Rabbit"


Gotta Have It Results

Gotta Have It Results Now In... You had your say about what rabbit products and gifts were the best and here are the results... Your choices were very interesting!

Continue reading "Gotta Have It Results"


Just Rabbits Readers

Just Rabbits Readers

Who are Just Rabbits readers? They are people just like you that all have a story to tell. This page looks at a few special readers with exceptional stories to share.

Continue reading "Just Rabbits Readers"


Humphrey Houdini our Giant Continental Bucks Bunny Escape Artist!

'Humphalumph' as we affectionately like to call our little bunny monster, is the worlds most notorious escape artist! He escapes from both his hutch

Continue reading "Humphrey Houdini our Giant Continental Bucks Bunny Escape Artist!"


Flora Pilo

Flora Pilo from Liplo Faro, Portugal had surgeon Prof Oilla implant real rabbit ears to her head - Read more of this amazing story ...

Continue reading "Flora Pilo"


Bad Bunny Bonding

This is really bad bunny bonding - the nightmare story you never want to happen to you! Follow my story so you don't make the same mistake.

Continue reading "Bad Bunny Bonding"


Animal Sanctuary Owner Collapses

Heartbreaking moment distraught animal sanctuary owner collapsed into mud as bailiffs arrived to evict her after 20 years

* Paula Campbell, 47, was admitted to hospital after the repossession.* She had cared for animals at sanctuary in County Durham for 20 years.* Cost of supporting vulnerable animals at site financially crippled her.

Continue reading "Animal Sanctuary Owner Collapses"


Natural Antibiotics for Rabbits

Natural antibiotics can be found easily from in your fridge to growing in your garden - Here are the top 10 that the FDA don't want you to know about!

Continue reading "Natural Antibiotics for Rabbits"


Rabbit Toys & Treats

Tried & recommended boredom blocker rabbit toys - the best bunny toys, & bunny treats including bunny jumps, natural play balls & ideas for homemade rabbit treats - over 100 rabbit treats & toys!

Continue reading "Rabbit Toys & Treats"


Rabbits Hay & Grass - Timothy Hay

Timothy Hay

Rabbits main food is hay and grass, they need it for survival. Some hay is good but Timothy hay is better, find out why...

Continue reading "Rabbits Hay & Grass - Timothy Hay"


Stale way!

Stale hay - no way!

Our lop eared bunny is going to be 1 year in April. He is eating a good amount of hay each day along with organic greens and 1/8 cup of pellets. The one

Continue reading "Stale way!"


House Rabbits - Complete Guide to Living With a House Bunny

Behaviours & needs of indoor house rabbits - harness & litter box training, house bunny proofing, necessary supplies, indoor diet, exercise & grooming and socializing with you & other animals.

Continue reading "House Rabbits - Complete Guide to Living With a House Bunny"


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