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Rabbit Report - May 2014 - Shop Now Open!
May 11, 2014

Just Rabbits 'Rabbit Report' May 2014

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Rabbit Report - Just Rabbits Newsletter

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This week sees the launch of the new Just Rabbits Shop - Whoop Whoop!!
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The Rabbit Report

Funny Bunny

Funny Bunny Rabbits
Rabbit Report - LMAO Pinit Pic

This is one of many great funny bunny photos that have been captioned for your tea-break giggle.


If you have any photos that really need a caption, send it in to us and let's have some fun!


All funny pictures featured in this newsletter can be viewed on the Just Rabbits Pinterest board - Funny Bunny Rabbits. If you need a giggle, and we all do, take a tea-break and have peak...

More Funnies

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Free Stuff

Rabbit Report - Freebies

Rabbit Report - Freebies Great Offers

The lastest and greatest offers from Just Rabbits are right here...

Free Delivery!
Get free delivery on all orders over £50 in the new Just Rabbits Shop. Getting all your rabbit supplies delivered is easy, just wait for the postman!

Top Ten Toxic Bulbs

Top Ten Toxic Bulbs
A fully illustrated, look, at 10 beastly bulbs found in the common garden.
Your bunnies want you to read this one!

Rabbit Report - Competitions

Rabbit Report - Win You In It to Win It?

If you're feeling lucky today, give them a go - you never know!

Free UK Delivery

Photo Competition
Share your adorable bunnies with us. Upload your favourite rabbit photo and win some fab prizes!
Enter Now!

Let's Give You a Grillin'
Complete a quick site survey and be entered into the Prize Draw for a £10 voucher to spend in the Just Rabbits Shop.
Lovely jubbly!

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Expert Opinion

Rabbit Toilet Training
Why Do Bunnies Pee & Poop Everywhere!?

So many rabbit owners are at their wits end with getting their buns to stick to a toilet area. Just Rabbits readers are often sending me emails about this very problem. Their bunnies just seem to want to pee and poop everywhere - but don't worry, help is at hand!

Because toilet training was such a common problem, I dedicated quite a lot of time to researching the best solutions. Follow these simple steps and pretty soon you'll have a bunny fit for any powder room!

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Showing Rabbits
How to Show Your Bunny

For more than 150 years, people have been exhibiting rabbits at shows. All recognized breeds and varieties of rabbits can be shown and shows range from small club shows and county fairs to huge state and national events. Each show will have slightly different rules but the basics principals are more or less the same worldwide.

Take a look at a few things you and your rabbit will need to learn if you want to show rabbits:

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rabbit harness training
Harness Training Tips

Harness training is not easy by a long way and you have to put some serious time in to ensure your bunny is happy and most of all, safe.

However, while it may take time and dedication, once your rabbit is harness trained, the benefits make it very worth while and pretty soon you'll find your rabbits actually look forward to going on their harness.

These harness training tips will show you how easy it can be. Follow the steps carefully and you should be able to take your bunny anywhere!

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Lights ~ Camera ~ Action

Rabbit Report - Film Clever or Genius?

After only 3 weeks, these two Belgian Hares (a breed of rabbit and not a hare), can use the toilet! They haven't mastered the art of flushing and putting the seat down yet but I'm sure they're in training! We think all bunnies can do this with the right training and not just this breed - What do you think?

Add your comments on the Just Rabbits Facebook Page, and join in the conversation!
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Bending or Trending

Bunny Tattoos

To Tatt or Not to Tatt!?

Cover yourself in pet pics without the pain! If you're too scared to get a *real* tattoo, these temporary tattoos are perfect!

Some less brave bunny fans might like the idea of being able to remove these temporary tattoos when the need arises. There are seven different bunny tattoos to choose from - Find the one that looks like your pet bunny or just show off to the world just how bunny crazy you really are!

Look Now
Best Bunny Bed

Best Bunny Bed?

If you are of the sensible kind that understands the true pet status of a bunny rabbit, then you may like to browse this selection of bunny approved pet rabbit beds.

Bunnies should not be sleeping in a cold, wooden hutch, but just like dogs and cats they should be enjoying the comfort of a soft, warm bed. Take a look at this wonderful range - you're bunnies will thank you for it!

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Book Review

The Bunny Lover’s Complete Guide To House Rabbits is an absolute must-read.

Easy-to-understand, relevant information, dozens of photos and step-by-step instructions on how to properly house and feed your bunny, litter-box training, socializing your bunny and lots more. This book is a very powerful reference tool to help you successfully and happily live with your house rabbit.

Review on Amazon
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Just Rabbits Readers

Just Rabbits Readers

Who are Just Rabbits readers? They are people just like you that all have a story to tell. This page looks at a few special readers with exceptional stories to share.

Continue reading "Just Rabbits Readers"


Humphrey Houdini our Giant Continental Bucks Bunny Escape Artist!

'Humphalumph' as we affectionately like to call our little bunny monster, is the worlds most notorious escape artist! He escapes from both his hutch

Continue reading "Humphrey Houdini our Giant Continental Bucks Bunny Escape Artist!"


Flora Pilo

Flora Pilo from Liplo Faro, Portugal had surgeon Prof Oilla implant real rabbit ears to her head - Read more of this amazing story ...

Continue reading "Flora Pilo"


Bad Bunny Bonding

This is really bad bunny bonding - the nightmare story you never want to happen to you! Follow my story so you don't make the same mistake.

Continue reading "Bad Bunny Bonding"


Animal Sanctuary Owner Collapses

Heartbreaking moment distraught animal sanctuary owner collapsed into mud as bailiffs arrived to evict her after 20 years

* Paula Campbell, 47, was admitted to hospital after the repossession.* She had cared for animals at sanctuary in County Durham for 20 years.* Cost of supporting vulnerable animals at site financially crippled her.

Continue reading "Animal Sanctuary Owner Collapses"


Natural Antibiotics for Rabbits

Natural antibiotics can be found easily from in your fridge to growing in your garden - Here are the top 10 that the FDA don't want you to know about!

Continue reading "Natural Antibiotics for Rabbits"


Rabbit Toys & Treats

Tried & recommended boredom blocker rabbit toys - the best bunny toys, & bunny treats including bunny jumps, natural play balls & ideas for homemade rabbit treats - over 100 rabbit treats & toys!

Continue reading "Rabbit Toys & Treats"


Rabbits Hay & Grass - Timothy Hay

Timothy Hay

Rabbits main food is hay and grass, they need it for survival. Some hay is good but Timothy hay is better, find out why...

Continue reading "Rabbits Hay & Grass - Timothy Hay"


Stale way!

Stale hay - no way!

Our lop eared bunny is going to be 1 year in April. He is eating a good amount of hay each day along with organic greens and 1/8 cup of pellets. The one

Continue reading "Stale way!"


House Rabbits - Complete Guide to Living With a House Bunny

Behaviours & needs of indoor house rabbits - harness & litter box training, house bunny proofing, necessary supplies, indoor diet, exercise & grooming and socializing with you & other animals.

Continue reading "House Rabbits - Complete Guide to Living With a House Bunny"



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