A Closer Bond

by Jan Perryman
(Isle of Wight)

Those beautiful eyes

Those beautiful eyes

Feeling happy and sad today.

Since buying a bunny play pen so that my bunnies could play indoors when the weather is bad, I've been sitting in with them.

They have always come to me when they know I have food and are relaxed when I'm grooming them but I wanted to be able to interact further with them.

Bracken has been getting very confident and climbing on to my knees and today she climbed right up to my shoulder and actually gave my jumper a couple of licks. Grooming? Yee!

But sadly I knew Charlie's eyesight was poor and making him less confident but today I gave his fringe a cut just to make sure it wasn't this that was making things difficult but his beautiful red eyes are not reacting to light or movement so sadly it is as I suspected he is blind.

I have always made allowances so that he is safe and can find his food but I am so glad that he has bonded so closely with Bracken.

He follows her everywhere and he reacts to my voice so he knows what's happening.

So sad bless him. He's adorable and well done Bracken for being his buddy.

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