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Petition to get airlines to allow rabbits and other small animals to fly with you in the cabin...

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European Airline Companies

Why Are Dogs & Cats Allowed But Not Any Other Pets?

Do you have a pet that isn't a cat or a dog?


Most households can say yes to that!

European airlines have rules and regulations in place that stop any other animal that is NOT a cat or a dog from flying on their planes.

Cat and Dog travelling


Probably because most airlines regard rabbits as lab animals or livestock and very few of them realise they are very much loved family pets.

Why Airline Fly With Rabbits?

Now, we know rabbits don't like to fly, in fact just going to the vets in the car stresses them out. But flying in a plane can be so horrific for them that their fur falls out in clumps, they can suffer from depression for weeks after the event and some suffer so badly that they stop eating and drinking leading eventually to their death.

Scared rabbit

Tranquillizing Your Pet
According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), in most cases cats and dogs should not be given sedatives or tranquillizers prior to flying. An animal's natural ability to balance and maintain equilibrium is altered under sedation, which can be dangerous when the kennel is moved. Whether flying as a cabin or checked pet, animals are exposed to increased altitude pressures, which can create respiratory and cardiovascular problems for dogs and cats which are sedated or tranquillized.

But imagine if you had to fly.

For one reason or another you have to get on a plane with your rabbit...

Imagine having to go on a plane and your pet rabbit(s), (or any other small animal) is put into cargo inside a roaring, quivering machine for several hours.

The cargo compartment is heated and pressurized, and animals are in airline-approved containers but they are hand carried aboard, and they are not issued hearing protection. While being transported to the plane amidst the idling jet engines ears their ears can be damaged. The fear starts to build up. 

On take-off their ears may pop, probably for the first time in their life. The reverberation seems like it will never end. The air is hot and stuffy, or maybe it's cold, even freezing.

Then, when they are finally let out, they are in a totally unfamiliar place.

This is why it is best rabbits travel with you, (in pairs preferably) in the cabin.

And this is why this page exists...

Petition to get airlines to allow rabbits and other small animals to fly with you in the cabin...

What the House Rabbit Society Has to Say...

Flights of Fancy

Since only one animal is allowed in a cabin per flight, a reservation is needed. If the airline you had planned on using admits furry critters in the cabin, but bunnies may only ride in baggage and you want to improve the way for other bunnies, you can try going through channels to get official permission to bring your house rabbit on board. (Because the personnel who make the policy seem to see rabbits as lab specimens and livestock, you may be able to persuade them that rabbits can be wonderful family members).

If you are short on time or diplomacy, some who've flown with rabbits advise not saying that your pet is of the lagomorph persuasion when you make your reservation and to be discreet about what's in the carrier at the check-in counter and while boarding.

The idea of a little bunny in cargo has inspired more than one creative plot for getting bun into the cabin.

One scenario involved disguising a lapin as a feline. Another person considered bundling her bun up as a newborn, but the plan was scrapped due to rabbit fur obviating the need for even a light-weight blanket.

Read more of this wonderful, informative article at the House Rabbit Society...

Sign the Petition

Fly With Your Pet

This well needed petition was created by André P. from Portugal.

Make your opinion count - Sign the petition here...

This is what André says...

"I need your help to change the flying with pets rules!

Most of the European airlines companies don't recognize Bunnies, Hamsters, Guinea pig, Turtles, among other as domestic pets, even having very a small size and low weight, airlines companies reject to let you carry them with you in the aircraft cabin. However is allowed to carry cats and dogs until 8 kg. That rule is letting me sad, once that every year around

Summer a lot of pets are abandoned because their owners have need to travel and don't have nobody to take care of their pet during the trip.

This petition will be delivered to all European Airline companies that don't allow animals, other than cats or dogs in their aircraft cabins."

Sign the petition and together we will make the difference!


Você tem outro animal que não seja um cão ou gato? Sim?!
Então esta petição e para si!

Eu preciso da sua ajuda para que as companhias aéreas mudem suas regras de transporte animal!

A maioria das companhias aéreas não reconhecem outros animais como Coelhos, Hamster, Porquinhos da Índia, Tartarugas, entre outros como animais domésticos, mesmo tento um peso e tamanho muito pequeno, o transporte dos mesmos na cabine do avião não é permitido. No entanto é permitido o transporte de cães e gatos até 8 kg.

Como grande maioria de nos sabe, o Verão e a altura do ano onde se vê mais abandono animal, uma vez que os donos vão de viagem e não tem como transportar o animal.

Para acabar com este problema, decidi criar esta petição que irá ser entregue a todas as companhias aéreas europeias que rejeitão animais que não sejam cães ou gatos a bordo.

Juntos faremos a diferença!

Sign the petition and together we will make the difference!

Are There Any Companies That Allow Airline Flying With Rabbits?

Rabbit in Plane Cabin

Yes, there are a handful!

Here's a list of airlines that do allow rabbits to travel with you...

Pet Airline CompaniesThese are just a few airlines - can you think of anymore?

If you are planning on travelling with your pet rabbit and you want to see what policies your airline has on pet travel, you can find most of the popular airlines here....

Rabbit in plane cabin

Travel Safely with Your Pet by Airplane

Questions to Ask Yourself When Airline Flying With Rabbits

The following questions have been put together by the Humane Society of the United States.

The Humane Society - Rabbits

Ask these questions if your pet rabbit is lucky enough to be flying in the cabin with you.

When you contact the airline, be sure to get clear answers to these questions:

  • Will the airline allow you to take your cat or small dog in the cabin with you? 
  • Does the airline have any special pet health and immunization requirements?
  • Does the airline require a specific type of carrier? Most airlines will accept either hard-sided carriers or soft-sided carriers (which may be more comfortable for your pet), but only certain brands of soft-sided carriers are acceptable to certain airlines.
  • If you can't take your pet in the cabin, does the airline have any restrictions on transporting your pet in the cargo hold?

"The Animals Went in Two by Two"

Rabbits travelling together

Where possible it is best to have rabbits travelling in a pair at minimum. As prey animals they take comfort from the presence of another rabbit.

The airlines that do allow rabbits may or may not understand this, it is up to you to appeal to them on your rabbit's behalf!

The RWAF - Airline Flying With Rabbits

RWAF - Flying with rabbits

The following information is brought to you by the Rabbit Welfare Fund - the charitable wing of the Rabbit Welfare Association.

Air Travel

"Rabbits travel remarkably well by air, if they have to. Although the aircraft environment is noisy and somewhat stressful for the rabbit, it's only for a few hours. Obviously, you should not travel any animal by air for "fun". But if you are relocating the rest of your family, there's no need to leave your pet bunny behind because of concerns about air travel unless s/he is particularly frail, in which case you should discuss matters with your vet first.

Although it's preferable to take rabbits in the cabin with you as hand luggage, we've only heard of this happening routinely on some US domestic flights. We are aware of one (and have heard rumours of a second) bunny who has managed to fly in the cabin on an international flight, but only after very determined owners managed to wangle a waiver of policy from an individual airline! (If you've managed it, please let us know!)

Hence, it's more likely that your rabbit will need to travel in the hold. Many people are most unhappy at this thought, but aircraft holds are both heated and pressurised.We understand that some US domestic airlines have a poor safety record when transporting pets in the hold, but we have yet to hear of any problems with the international airlines, who have a great deal of experience travelling pets around the world.

There are very good animal holding facilities at many international airports, and you can use specialist agencies to help you make the necessary travel arrangements. Don't forget that you will need an airline approved design of travelling box, and that if your bunny is travelling internationally you'll have to sort out the necessary import/export permits and health certificates which can take several weeks.

Pet rabbits from outside the UK & Ireland cannot enter the UK without undergoing six months' quarantine. Despite repeated rumours that rabbits are to be included under the Pet Travel Scheme, this hasn't yet materialised. However, show and commercial rabbits from registered holdings are allowed to enter the UK without quarantine from other EU countries under the Balloi Directive."

More information on the UK quarantine situation and rabbits.

Here's an interesting read...

From the Archives

EU Regulation on the non-commercial movement of pet animals

Rabbits ready for cargo hold

Safe Airline Carriers by Just Rabbits

Safe Airline Carrier by Just Rabbits

There are few carriers that are suitable for airline flying with rabbits, and you can find them here...

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Sign the petition and together we will make the difference!

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