Battling Rabbit Sisters

by Janet
(Corinth, Ms.)

Cinnamon 4 Months

Cinnamon 4 Months

Cinnamon 4 Months
Cinnamon and Sugar
Is Sugar Pregnant
Is Sugar nesting

My have two rabbits who are sisters. Battling rabbit sisters...

When I first got them they were about 4 months of age, and got along fine. But several weeks after I got them, they began humping, circling, etc.

This is my first time as a rabbit owner, so I Googled this behavior, and found that it is not uncommon and that it had to do with dominance.

This continued for about a week and a half.

Then they got into a fight.

I separated the bunnies by pushing them away from each other (gently). At this time they were still living in the same cage.

The next day the fighting was worse, ripping out each other's hair!

Again I separated them gently.

After the third fight, which was terrible, I was really afraid they might seriously injure each other, so I put them in separate cages.

During the separate cage time they had opportunities to see each other and sniff noses, etc.

Next, I noticed one of the bunnies was fatter than the other... and continued to get fatter...

This made me wonder, was one of my girls actually a boy? Was one of my girls pregnant?

However, after more than 30 days passed, the fat rabbit was still fat. I could feel nipples on her belly (but not on the other, slender rabbit), so she was showing all the signs of being pregnant, (Yes, I Googled that too.) But like I say, it's been more than 30 days now.

When the rabbits walk up to each other's cages, the one I thought was pregnant is hostile, however, the other one is fine with the previously-thought-to-be-pregnant one coming up to her cage.

Now, I would like to try to reintroduce the rabbits and try to help them to bond.

I have been trying to figure out the best way.

I thought perhaps I might get them a large 10' x 10' outdoor play yard and try to re-introduce them there.


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