Bottle-hatin' Momo

by Emily Gooden
(Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia)

Definitely not a summer baby

Definitely not a summer baby

Here is our residential troublemaker and bachelor extraordinaire, Momo!

Previously known on this website for his bonding difficulties, Momo now makes his debut as the fine looking specimen he is. What a man!

Here is a little fact about Momo: he hates water bottles with a deep and unrelenting passion. In fact, he basically hates anything that is sitting upright. Money banks, stuffed toys, flowerpots, you name it and Momo wants it on the ground.

When he was a little baby bun we had a hard time with him, as he was essentially the rabbit version of Houdini. We would put him in his cage at night, and in the morning we would wake to find him miraculously escaped. It didn't matter if we put him in a cardboard box, a hutch, a completely fenced in area. When Momo had a will, there was always a way.

When we were naive about rabbit-care, we had our Momo housed in a cute little wooden hutch in the yard, fenced in by a chicken-wire fence crafted by our handyman dad (read: he saw some wire at the local hardware store and figured it looked easy enough). As soon as the fence went up Momo was in investigation mode and decided to chew his way out in 15 seconds flat.

Cue attempt two. We bought some stronger wire, which we made triple sure to ensure he could not chew out of. However that was no problem, he could just jump over it. Easy peasy!

Cue attempt three. We strung the fence up to the trees surrounding the enclosure and watched him size the situation, with a failed couple jump attempts. We were satisfied, and we were convinced it was the end of his trickery. We were wrong. Momo suddenly discovered the wonderful world of digging, crafting such a beautiful burrow that led under the wire fence to the freedom of the great yard beyond.

However, this was his downfall. I had accidentally left my water bottle in his enclosure during the day of his discovery. He had this perfect burrow, ready to use at a moments notice, until he noticed it. He was doomed. He had nudged so hard at the offending water bottle that he had knocked it right over, and in his rage he carelessly threw it in the direction of his "burrow". It got jammed between the dirt and fence, and no matter how hard he tried his scratching would not move it.

We awoke that morning to him madly attacking the bottle, us humans forever praising the inventor of such a wondrous pollutant that kept Momo in his realm. From that day he had to knock over all standing objects in his area, no matter what it was, and viciously remove it from sight. I don't think he learned his lesson, but I definitely think it increased his bottle rage.

So imagine our surprise when our Australian summer rolls around, and Momo becomes one with the frozen water bottles we give to all our rabbits? He loves to lie all over them, lick the condensation and toss them around to get the optimum-resting-position. As long as we don't put it in standing up, of course. Then he wont touch the thing. Go figure!

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Mar 26, 2015
Crazy Momo Bunny!
by: Kerry

What a great story. I had a real smile on my face reading this. I can just picture him flinging those bottles around like a mad wino!
It just goes to show that bunnies have different personalities and some of them are real characters like Momo.
I love his picture, he looks so cuddly and snuggly.
And what a lucky bun he is to have such a fab owner!
Great story Emily, thanks for sharing. x

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