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Quick Note from Kerry

I really enjoy hearing from people who love their bunnies and rabbits or have questions about them. If there is anything you'd like to share or add about your rabbits, you can do so on most pages including this one!

You can also ask questions about; purchases in the Just Rabbits store, technical issues with any Web page, send a detailed enquiry, or ask a quick question.

Just follow the links below to decide which contact area you need.

Please check our FAQ section BEFORE sending an enquiry as the more common problems and questions are answered here. By checking the FAQ area first, you may save lots of time, for us, for you and for your bunnies!

Now It's Even Easier to Get in Touch

Our community members come in as many varieties and types as their rabbits, so this page is sectioned for your ease and convenience.

Simply choose the best option for your enquiry and we will be in touch very soon! (No, seriously, we really will!)

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Frequently Asked Questions
If you haven't already, take a look at the FAQs on Bunnies and Rabbits.

The most popular question being, What do rabbits eat?
But there are plenty of others - go take a peak!
There could be everything you need to know right there.

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Social Media Connections

You can usually reach me personally on social media, on all of the popular networking sites.

Please let me know your thoughts and comments on any issue you feel important, anything you may have read, or simply share your wonderful rabbit stories and pictures.

Your connections are valuable and treated with urgency and respect. And remember you don't have to have a Facebook account to comment below!

Click your preference icon below, pop by and say hello!

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Submit Your Story

This Web site is successful because of YOUR input, your stories, your messages and experiences, that add to every page.

It is only through your continued unwavering support and dedication to actually submit your thoughts and feelings, that Just Rabbits is the helpful community it now is.

Have A Great Story?

Do you have a great tale to tell?

Share your pet rabbit moments, past and present right here.

Anyone who has or loves rabbits also loves reading about them, so please share and don't forget to upload your photos.

If your bun has passed over the rainbow bridge, it's a lovely way to remember them too ;-)

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Adding images increase your chances of publication.

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Detailed Enquiry

If you have a much more specific question or a longer message to share with me or the Just Rabbits Community, or you have an in-depth enquiry that may need a detailed response, please use the form below...

Hey, How am I doing?
If you have a little more time
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eMail Links

If you prefer not to use any web forms or are experiencing problems using these formats for any reason, you may of course contact me directly from your email server.

Just Rabbits has various email accounts which are used for various services. Some of which have very strict white listing rules in place.

Please be aware, using this option WILL NOT guarantee you a response.

Site eMail Addresses:

  • admin@justrabbits.com
  • shop@justrabbits.com
  • info@justrabbits.com

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Store Help


In order to keep our Rabbit Supplies Store secure and safe for all our users, we have moved the whole shop to a new server that allows for a very secure SSL security certificate. This makes your purchasing even more secure and private.

This means that all old subdomains beginning shop.justrabbits.com will no longer work.

The new domain is www.shopjustrabbits.com

To correct any issue you may be having in trying to view old pages,

simply remove the . (dot) and put www in front of the web address .

This should sort out many of the new links.

If any functions within the JustRabbits Store (www.shopjustrabbits.com) are causing an issue of any kind, please contact the store sales team using the form below.

Please enter as much data as you can about your order or any potential order, so we can help you as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Where possible, please include Web address links to the page(s) you are referring to.


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Technical Issue

Just Rabbits Limited Technical Support

Technical Reporting
If you have found any Web pages on JustRabbits.com not working the way they should, or there are any function errors anywhere on the site, please contact the technical team using the form below. You may also report an typos or textual errors here too.

Please copy and paste the Web address link of the page you are referring to.

This form is for technical related issues only.

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Personal Note

Happy to Help
Send your feedback, ideas, thoughts and questions on anything to do with bunnies and rabbits and I'll be happy to respond the best way I can.

Please note: I'm going as fast as I can!

This website is being built page by page and while I know it will always be an ongoing project, I appreciate your input on web pages and content, as I go.

If you see anything that looks unfinished or read any content that doesn't sound right, please let me know, as I appreciate the feedback and 'the extra eyes!'

Thank you for your interest in this site, and remember, any words of encouragement you offer go a long, long way! :-)

If you require a credit, courtesy message, link to your website or a mention, then please let me know, I'd be really happy to help wherever I can.

I would like to feature a special interview section on this website called 'You're Not Alone - An Expert Was On The Phone', where I interviewed by phone, (email or video - your choice), an expert in a certain field; i.e. a rabbit breeder, rescue centre manager, experienced house rabbit owner etc etc - Just 10 little questions and I'll feature you and any business you may have on a whole page to yourself (all search engine optimized too!)
So drop me a line and lets get 'talking'!

Thank you so much for your visit,
Hope you pass by again soon!

All the best,

Kerry Greener - Just Rabbits

Kerry Greener


Publications & eBooks

Will an eBook do the Job?
I'm currently writing an informative selection of ebooks on the subject of all things rabbit.

Work in progress includes:
Rabbits for Dummies - Newbies to Rabbits, House Bunny Tips - Caring For Your House Rabbits, The Complete Rabbit Diet Book and by popular demand Indoor vs Outdoor rabbits.

The current bestseller is 'How Long Do Rabbits Live?' , which includes the very accurate age prediction calculator. This is an excellent 'all-rounder' that is ideal for the novice and expert rabbit enthusiast alike.

Take a look at the ebook page for more details. Whatever your question, an answer will surely be found somewhere there!

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Social Media Commenting

Share your views, points, tit-bits and tales! (Remember, you don't have to have a Facebook account to make a comment.)

All input is good, no matter how small ;-) Thank-you.

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