Bunnies are Given a Second Chance...

by Vanessa Taylor
(South Coast Rabbit Rescue, Hampshire, England)

Vanessa Taylor with Darcy, a French Lop rabbit

Vanessa Taylor with Darcy, a French Lop rabbit

...Thanks to Portsmouth Rabbit Rescue Group

With their cute furry faces and soft long ears, it is hard to resist a cuddle with a rabbit. But despite being adorable, rabbits are often neglected as people forget they can live for up to 14 years.

Unwanted and neglected, bunnies are being forgotten about but that is where ‘bunny mummy’ Vanessa Taylor steps in. The 40-year-old from Paulsgrove runs South Coast Rabbit Rescue – a Facebook page dedicated to re-homing rabbits.

Vanessa takes care of the bunnies at her house and at the moment has 34. That number is constantly changing and, since Christmas has reduced massively.

Vanessa says: ‘A few weeks ago, I had 51 rabbits which is the most I have ever had. ‘I’m now at 34 so a lot have been re-homed recently. The number I have changes daily.

‘At the moment I’m quite lucky that more of them are being adopted than are being dropped off.

‘That is really nice and important.’

People looking for a new pet contact Vanessa through the Facebook group and can visit her house, sometimes on the same day, to look at the range of rabbits. ‘It is a 24-hour job,’ she adds.

Read more at: http://www.portsmouth.co.uk/news/bunnies-are-given-a-second-chance-thanks-to-portsmouth-rabbit-rescue-group-1-7221982

Vanessa rescues and re-homes rabbits of all ages and genders once they are healthy and ready.

She is based in Paulsgrove, Portsmouth, Hampshire, relys solely on donations and re-homes through the Facebook group south coast rabbit rescue.

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