Children Watch in Terror
at Bunny Beheading

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Methed Up Mother Kills Pet Rabbit

A pet rabbit decapitated in front of children AND she gets away with it....

A year on and this bunny killer, who decapitated a pet rabbit in front of her two children while strung out on meth will not go to prison.

In September 2012, Tina Sandlin, 35, was taken into custody after she allegedly beheaded a rabbit in front of two small children.

According to a press release at the time, the Bay County Sheriff’s office issued an arrest warrant for Sandlin dating back to a 15th July 2012, incident in which she carried out the bunny beheading, killing the children’s pet rabbit right in front of them.

Bunny killer Tina Sandlin, 36,
was strung out on meth
when she was arrested
for killing the family pet rabbit.

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The Florida mother, who was on meth when she decapitated the family's pet bunny rabbit in front of her kids out of BOREDOM is spared a prison sentence.

  • Tina Sandlin pleaded no contest to animal cruelty and child abuse
  • She was strung out on meth when the killing occurred last year
  • Sandlin grabbed the rabbit's ears while she cut off its head with a knife
  • Her husband says the children have nightmares over it
  • He said she told him she did it because she was 'bored'
  • The mother-of-two has been sentenced to one year in an inpatient drug rehabilitation centre

Tina Sandlin, now 36, pleaded no contest to animal cruelty and child abuse and has been sentenced to one year in an inpatient drug rehabilitation centre.

Tina Byng - Rabbit Killer Hideout

Bay County Sheriff's deputies arrested Sandlin last year after they found her hiding under a mobile home located at 320 Newman Point Road in Southport, Bay County, Florida.

According to the press release, Sandlin was in the children’s home when she held a rabbit up by its ears and used a knife to cut the animal’s head off. She brought her children into her bedroom in mid-July so they could watch her cruel bunny beheading moment, in full view.

After the incident, Sandlin left the house and did not contact her family for about a month. Officers say she admitted to the killing after they took her into custody.

Highly traumatized and upset, the children did not immediately tell anyone about their pet's bloody death but eventually alerted their father.

Her husband told officers that Sandlin merely shrugged her shoulders and said she slaughtered the pet because she was bored, when he confronted her.

The children’s father told investigators that when his children eventually told him of the bizarre incident, they were crying and extremely upset.

The children later told police that their mother held the rabbit by the ears as it kicked its legs in a failed effort to free itself.

The children told investigators that when she cut their pet rabbit’s head there was “lots of blood”.


The children's father added
that their children,
now 7 and 4,
had nightmares
about the incident.

(Photo for illustration
purpose only)

Judge Elijah Smiley sentenced her to five years' probation, including 18 months on drug offender probation.

Her probation may be terminated after 30 months if she meets a set of requirements.

Sandlin is forbidden from contacting her husband or children while in the facility.

She may be able to have contact with the kids again after being leaving rehab and remaining sober for 90 days, said the Daily News.

But the children's counselor will establish the terms of the visitation.

Sandlin has been charged with two counts of Child Abuse for Affliction of Mental Cruelty, Felony Cruelty to Animals, and Resisting an Officer without Violence.

Sandlin, who also goes by the name Tina Michelle Byng, also had an outstanding warrant for VOP on a DUI and DWLSR conviction.

See the original press release of bunny beheading...

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