Bunny with Pasturella

by Elizabeth
(Gloucester UK)

The young and old are at risk from Pasturella

The young and old are at risk from Pasturella

The young and old are at risk from Pasturella
Old bunnies need extra help with their immune system

I have a twelve and a half year old mini lop rabbit who has been suffering with pasturella for some time now, but recently it has become more acute again and he is on Septrin and Bisolvon.

He is doing reasonably well, although very thin, and is keen to eat, which is obviously a good sign.

I am going to get a nebuliser for him as my vet says that this will help to alleviate his symptoms, but I am wondering if I could use clinical manuka honey and/or colloidal silver to help him even more.

I would be interested to learn if anyone has any experience of using these on rabbits and am anxious to know if I can use Manuka Honey on him internally.

I would love to be able to make him feel better. :)

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Nov 19, 2016
by: Celici

I, too, would be interested to see how coloidal silver and manuka honey internally help an older rabbit with pasteurella. I've only ever used the manuka honey on abscessed wounds, and it worked better and more quickly than any topical antibiotic or bacterial ointment.

Feb 18, 2016

by: Kerry

Hi Elizabeth,

Sorry to hear your bunny is not well and with his advanced years his immune system will be finding it very difficult to cope.

Colloidal silver will certainly help and I personally have used it not only on my rabbits but also on my son too! (Chicken pox completeley gone in 4 days on my son and a rabbit that has never been to vet for any illness ever!) So yes, definitely colloidal silver. Make sure it is the 'true' colloidal mixture though as there are many imitations out there. The 'true' stuff will be cloudy and NOT clear with silver particles floating about in it.

The honey will also help but limit this as it is very sweet and too much will overload the digestive system. Again make sure it is proper Manuka honey as the imitation stuff is mostly sugar and will be very harmful. I've never used honey before as I have such good results with colloidal silver, but if anyone else has any other suggestions to help Elizabeth and her lovely rabbit in need of help, please message below.


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