Daytime Bunny Shed and Runs

by A B Collins
(Derbyshire, England)

Bunny Shed - Open

Bunny Shed - Open

Bunny Shed - Open
Bunny Shed - Inside
Bunny Shed - Side
Bunny Shed - Front

I have two male rescued rabbits, unfortunately despite almost a year of trying they refuse to bond.

This has meant they previously had to take turns being let out in the garden or house.

They are also quite mischievous little bunnies, they are usually well behaved when you're in the same room as them, but the second you leave they start chewing anything forbidden; despite the small fortune I have spent on every rabbit toy, boredom breaker or bunny safe wood.

So my solution was to build a Bunny Shed, it's 9ft by 6ft which I have divided into two by a mesh divide.

Each side has cat-flap access to a outdoor run, both bunnies enjoy the fresh air. When I'm home during the day they still get to take it in turn to have free run of the garden and house.

The shed is thoroughly insulated and a vinyl floor and PVC wall panels make it very easy to keep clean.

There's also automatic opening windows, so if the temperature gets too hot the top windows open up.

In the evenings the bunnies each have large two tier cages in the living room, and again they take it in turns to have free run of the house.

Life certainly would be much easier if the pair could learn to get along, but I love them both and will always try my best to make them both feel loved and wanted.

If I won the lottery I would certainly buy a large plot of land and build lots of barns and outdoor runs to house any unloved and unwanted rabbits, whilst trying to find them a new forever home.

If you'd like to see my two boys, you can find me on Instagram @bunnykinns17.

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Nov 09, 2015
Bunnies won the lottery!
by: Kerry

What a lovely and most perfect example of a solution to a problematic bonding situation.

I think it's your bunnies that have 'won the lottery' here with your wonderful shed and indoor home space.

The automatic windows have me very intrigued too!

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you winning the lottery and send all positive wealth attracting thoughts your way. I think you would be a perfect host of the most perfect Bunny Sanctuary in England!

Kerry :-)

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