Doe or Buck Names

by Tasia S.


(Pumpkin) Spice,
Carrot (Cake),

and I could just keep going and going...

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Oct 12, 2015
Anthony You Are Lucky!
by: Kerry

Wow Anthony, this is just the type of entry I love to see.

You have given your rabbits names that suit them perfectly I'm sure.

What a great way to name them.

Your descriptions remind me of my first rabbit 'Snowy', who lived with a guinea pig named 'Mary Multi'. (A multi-coloured bossy madam who liked to perch on top of Snowy's head like a crowned Queen).

Thanks for sharing! :-)

Oct 11, 2015
Bunner names
by: Anthony Wallace

I have named my rabbits pertaining to their colours or personalities.
Lily Nearly White ( my first adoptee, an off white dwarf, now in bunny heaven).
Lola Velvet Grey ( my second adoptee, a loving Mini Rex, who stole my heart when she became my Special Care Rabbit until a good friend Vet deemed it best to gently help her die peacefully at home with her rabbit friends beside her for company).
Buster Thumper Brown. ( he's a spunky 3 year old lionhead who found me from the local SPCA and sent me a rabbit ESP alert two years ago).
Tobie -Sue Black. (she's a rambunctious two year old girl who moved in from upcountry)
Beatrix Pepper ( she's a young lady grey, celebrating her first birthday Nov. 15, 2015, and very peppy).

Braxton Binkerton ( he's a happy young adult buff-colured lionhead buck, who found me, courtesy of Kijiji).

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