Expect the Unexpected

by Misty

I have always liked rabbits and had a few growing up. I have lead a pretty unstable lifestyle for a long time and knew that I would not be able to have a pet till I settled down.

I did my research on caring for rabbits sense it has been decades. I finally decided to get one and found it online a young buck only 9 weeks old what got my appeal other than his cute picture was that he was already litter trained.

I live alone so he had full run of the place, but I wanted to make sure he was litter trained and to bunny proof the house first.

I had a playpen cage and through trail and error I discovered he was litter trained as long as he was not locked in the cage for some odd reason he pooped everywhere when I locked him in his play pen.

Bunny manipulation 101 and it worked!

He is unique in so many ways I named him Luke, for starters his fur is really fluffy soft and his coloring looked like the color of Alaskan rabbits (which is where I grew up) it was white grayish with brown mixed in.

He hates being picked up of course and I had to earn his trust just to pet him. I would come home from work and sit on the floor with him. He would be curious and eventually he would let me feed him while petting.

He has always been easily scared and so I built him a big box tunnel which takes up almost the whole living room but it allows him refuge and also something to destroy and chew on. He is a definite chewer I bought him chew treats and chunks of wood so he wouldn't destroy the apartment.

I made an appointment with the vet to have him fixed and there is a few to choose from but only one affordable which I had to wait a month for.

I started thinking about getting a companion for Luke because they say that they live much happier lives if you bond them.

I was going to adopt from a shelter and even had one picked out that would be fixed around the same time Luke was she was white with pink eyes really beautiful doe.

By chance I went back on the site I got him from and saw another bunny who looked a lot like But she had a lop ear. She was a helicopter ear bunny and was the same age as Luke. Luke was scheduled to get fixed that next week so I figured sense he was not using his cage I would get this beautiful girl and keep her in the bedroom with me and Luke could stay in the living room.

Another appeal with this new bunny is that she did not mind being picked up and wasn't easily scared like Luke is. The owners named her Shirley Temple which I changed to Airabella.

I let them interact supervised just so they can see one another and I made an appointment for her to get spayed which took yet another month.

I think that it was a good decision to give them that extra time to get use to each other and Luke took awhile to recover from his surgery, however they started sniffing each other and even laying flopping over together with the cage between them.

I would come home from work to greet Luke and he would let me pet him then ran to stand by the door so he could see Airabella lol. Even called him a traitor.

Waiting for the time to come for her spay seemed to take forever, I could see them start doing the nose to the ground locking horns someone called it wanting the other to groom them first, however when the other one would not groom they would end up getting in a boxing match which I quickly broke up.

The two of them never displayed any sexual type behavior other than circling which I guess I lucked out on, I mean who wants to be humped or sprayed right. I think the reason for that is that they are larger breed rabbits which takes them a little longer to go through puberty.

Airabell was not litter trained but I thought how hard could it be right. Little did I know pooping was a way to mark ones territory and rabbits are very territorial. Airabella learned how to pee in the box but would not poop in it and when Luke came in there both their colons went into over drive and they were pooping like a machine gun. I was just like how on earth can one little cute thing poop that much. Made me wish I had their metabolism lol.

Airbella did escape a few times and the fights were more chasing than anything else. Well Airabella as I picked her up noticed that her bottom teeth overlapped the top and had grown close to her nose which explained why she was not eating anything hard, I read about the condition on the internet sometimes its genetic and other times its because they are left in their cages and chew on the bars, and/or not fed the right amount of food or hay.

I thought it was going to cost me to have them shaved down when I read it online someone said it cost them 200 dollars every month and even talked about having them pulled. I was sweating bullets, however it only costed 20 dollars to my relief and after that she did not have anymore problems with them, which I attribute to probable more neglect.

So as Luke slowly healed he stopped chewing and having destructive behaviors and his litter turd war was diminishing.

So it is now Airabella's turn to get her spay finally she started pooping in her litter box after me going behind her constantly with the broom and dust pan so I was on cloud 9 thinking I could finally get her litter trained.

The vet has you drop them off in the morning and they get spayed then they call you when the sleeping medicine wares off to let you know the status of the surgery.

I was asleep because I work the graveyard shift, however they left a message for me telling me all went well only one complication my dear Airabella was a male not a female.

I could not believe it!

However, Luke and I did not love her any less though, it was really crazy because she was 7 months old and was a girl the whole time and only to be stripped of that when everyone found out about it lol.

Poor little guy!

I decided to give him a strong male name and called him Hunter.

I feel he was fated to be with us and of course healing from a neuter is a lot less time.

I knew the challenge of bonding two males would be difficult also but looking back on it they did have a lot of time together prior.

Luke went through the healing process about as fast as the bonding process with me very slowly lol, Hunter on the other hand is fearless he did not act like he just came from surgery.

After a week I would let them eat dinner in the little hallway between the living room and my room because it is small and easy to control.

They did fight but I broke them up and went slowly. It was Hunter that was aggressive so I knew he needed a little more time. However much to my surprise three days after surgery I kid you not he started using the litter box, I did not think the turn around would be that fast.

2 weeks after surgery and they did not fight as much and now almost three weeks later they are inseparable. Hunter is like a kid in a candy store, so sweet cuddly and has free run of the house with Luke.

He is still fearless, jumping into the bathtub, laundry baskets and oh ya my bed. He loves running and playing with Luke just like brothers.

Even though they say bonding boys is hard cause rabbits are picky, mine are proof that it can be done.

They have not fought sinse but do enjoy chasing playfully, sleeping together and even grooming. Hunter is the one who demands and gets most the grooming.

I couldn't see myself with any dog or cat, I am def a rabbit owner all the way.

Hopefully this helps or touches the hearts of other rabbit lovers.

I do not see many articles on bonding males so I thought I would share mine.

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Jan 15, 2017
by: Susie

Thanks for your story! I just found out that our 4 mo. old holland lop is a boy too! We were told it was a girl and I had bought it as a companion for our 9 mo. old buck. I was so surprised and upset when I found out. After reading your story I am now thinking I should just get the 4 mo. old neutered and try to bond them anyhow. Hoping with a lot of patience and persistence I can make it work out.

Dec 27, 2016
Comments response
by: Anonymous

It was a quick trim, they didn't examen him.It seems although he eats slower than Luke he is keeping them trimmed down. Luke is the top bunny which means he gives hunter all the groomies, they are adorable.

Dec 27, 2016
Male bunnies
by: mm

I enjoyed your story. Thank you for the post , it was funny at times and very helpful. Your babies are adorable. At first i thought when i saw pic was ,is there a mirror behind fence just for a second, .They do look alot alike...I wish you all he best...enjoy each other and ty for giving them a great home😊

Dec 14, 2016
Bonding two males! well done
by: Kerry

Hey Misty fab story!

Well done bonding these two males, I bet you got a real surprise when you found out.

I'm surprised they didn't tell you when they trimmed his teeth?

It sounds like you are a real devoted rabbit lover, thanks for sharing your story, I'm sure it will really help may other rabbit owners, especially those that have two males!

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