Furever Loved Bunnies Need you!

by Angela
(West Yorkshire)

Frankie -  House Rabbit - 14 weeks

Frankie - House Rabbit - 14 weeks

Frankie -  House Rabbit - 14 weeks
Eeyore - House Rabbit - 5 Yr approx
Stewie - Outdoor Rabbit - 1 Yr approx

Need Some Bunny to Love?

Bunnies at Furever Loved, Need You!

Furever Loved is a small animal rescue centre based in Keighley, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom and they are looking for rabbit lovers in the UK that would like to adopt some of their most needy bunnies.

Furever Loved are a non profit, foster based rescue centre that covers all of Keighley and the surrounding areas.

Their aim is to help lost, abandoned or unwanted pets. They also help educate and promote responsible pet ownership of all small animals from reptiles to rodents.

They help save animals that are in the most need of help by caring for them, not only medically and physically but also, and very importantly, emotionally too.

All animals, especially rabbits, are prone to stress and depression. It has been known for rabbits to make themselves very ill, sometimes fatally, when they are lonely, depressed or stressed for any reason.

Furever Loved caters for any feelings of separation, loss of a partner rabbit, cruelty or abuse with a previous owner or extensive stress from attack for example and ensures that extra care and attention is lavished on all the animals in their care.

However, they need your help. They know bunnies need so much more. The extra loving and attention they would get in a 'Forever Home' is crucial to their happiness and longevity.

A secure environment and a steady routine is fairly easy to do but all those extra strokes and cuddles need to come from you!

And don't worry if you've never had a pet bunny before, Furever Loved will help and teach all new owners who adopt small animals from them, in how to look after them the best possible way.

The rabbits you see in the photos above are a few of the beautiful bunnies they have now, that currently need forever homes.

If you would like to adopt one of these beautiful rabbits please contact the Furever Loved Small Animal Rescue.

You can contact
Angela on 07584 286294


Julie on 07752 549341

or email them at

You can find more details about these bunnies and other small animals on their website

If you do adopt one of these gorgeous buns, please contact Kerry at Just Rabbits where she would love to feature your rescue from start to finish in the hope of showing others how easy the process really is.

Remember, Rescue - Don't Buy!

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