Genetic Testing for Inbreeding Rabbits?

by Shari
(Colorado )

My bun of love I called him!

My bun of love I called him!

Inbreeding Rabbits

It's Just Darn Bad Luck...

My bun of love, Slurpee passed away from sudden bloat.

It was a horrible 20 hours in the animal hospital.

I am left with her little sister, Storm, who I have had for a month and is 12 weeks old.

Storm was the runt of the litter and taken care of, but has always had an infection in her vulva. The breeder told me it was just a little yeast infection from her learning to clean herself.

My rabbit vet thought it was Vent disease and we tried a oral medication and also did 3 weeks of penicillin. Still it comes and goes. One day she is fine the next she is dirty and swollen down there.

I am constantly cleaning her. We have tried everything. Sugar in her swollen parts, topicals, trimming the area, etc.

So I call the breeder after Slurpee's death and she tells me if I want to I can replace Slurpee as she is breeding again now.

Now this alarmed me.

For one - I know that the doe is Lop at 3.5 lbs, and the male, I believe she calls a Penny Lop, is much, much smaller, not quite 2 lbs I think.

The doe has had 4 litters now with two mates. The first two litters all died. Their deaths ranged at different ages but they never survived much longer than a week and a half. The breeder said they got too cold or it was because she'd put her hand in and touched the litter so it was her fault the mom killed them.

Slurpee came from litter 3 and everyone but him was killed, (there where 5-6 born).

Storm came from litter number 4 from 12 weeks ago, where there was 5 born and 1 died (runt).

We did happen to buy Storm's brother for my step daughter and the report is he is fine for now. We do not know if any of her litter mates that have been sold are currently having any issues and I don't feel the breeder would tell me.

The breeder is certain that the breeding pair have both had genetic testing.

Is it possible this pair should just not breed and Slurpee may have suffered from something genetic, and the same with storm?

Slurpee went suddenly from a happy healthy bunny to a very severe case of bloat.

Is there a test that could be taken to determine inbreeding in Storm or if there are any genetic defects?

I don't want to loose her from the unknown too...

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