Gotta Have It Results

The following rabbit related products were just a few that I have seen in on my quest for innovation and creativity when it comes to rabbit supplies.

You have been voting for your favourites (and also the ones you weren't keen on) on the Gotta Have It Voting Page.

Voting is now over, (well, for that batch of goodies anyway), and the Gotta Have it Results are now in...

Mmmm Very Interesting Results

And Your Winners Are...

This Year's Top 3 Best Rabbit Supplies

1st - Indoor Rabbit Home Set Up

There were a few firm favourites with the Indoor Home Set Up being the overall winner with a staggering 95% of you voting that you Loved it, and only 1% saying they weren't keen!

2nd - Peek-a-Boo Pet Rabbit Tunnel

This was one of my favourites as I have something similar, and my buns just love it too! A whopping 86% agree it's a brilliant idea!

3rd - Super Star Rabbit Tunnel

What rabbit wouldn't like to jump in and out of this wonderful tunnel set up. This is the one that has made it to the Just Rabbits Shop. 84% of voters said they loved it too!

And The Loser Is...

This Year's Top 3 Worst Pet Rabbit Supplies

Butterfly Rabbit Harness

Choosing the least favourite was a little difficult as the votes were fairly even and this butterfly harness only took 38% of the 'Not Keen' vote.

LED Rabbit Harness

It's fairly obvious that the pattern here is that bunnies don't like being on a leash, with the LED Rabbit Harness claiming 36% of the 'Not Keen' vote.

Extra Large Rabbit Cage

Not many of you like the Indoor Rabbit Cage either with 31% of you deciding you didn't like it and another 31% of you saying you weren't that bothered by it either.

What's The Bigger Picture?

Gotta Have It Results In Detail

If you are the analytical kind and you'd like to take a closer look at the results for yourself, please take a gander at the individual graphs below... 

The surprise for me was the Designer Pet Carrier. Not many of you thought that particular design was a good idea but I am looking into some different designs of trendy carrier ready for the next Gotta Have It Results. I'm sure they will be much more encouraging.

Meanwhile, I'd like to thank everyone who took the time to vote. I gained some wonderful insights in to your likes and dislikes and many of you are very similar in your thinking.

I'm very grateful to all of you that took the time to offer your opinion, you have made it easier to supply only popular, in-demand products in the Just Rabbits Shop in the future ;-)

Gotta Have It Results Competition

Oh Yes, We Have a Winner!

As you know everyone has been voting for their favourite rabbit supplies and gifts and 'Liking' and 'Following' Just Rabbits on Social Media to be in with a chance to win a massive 50% Off Prize to use in the Just Rabbits Shop!

So, now I can reveal....

The Winner Is...

****Debbie Wiseman****

from Canada

Well done Debbie. Brilliant!!

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You should have received an email with details about your prize inside :-)

Thanks go to everyone for voting and who visited and liked Just Rabbits on Facebook & Twitter. Your votes and interaction mean a lot and I hope you'll take apart again in the next one!

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