Help My Rabbit's Ears Are Going Transparent!

by Rosmarry Angelova
(Kyustendil, Bulgaria)

Transparent Ear Tip

Transparent Ear Tip

Transparent Ear Tip
It's Spreading?!

Help! My rabbit's ear is going transparent!

I have a problem with one of my decorative rabbits ears and I really need help finding out what it is so I can treat it and make it stop spreading.

My rabbit is a baby, about a month old, and lives with another baby rabbit. The father and mother are separated from them now.

It started about two weeks ago and it is spreading every day!

The problem is right on the tip of the ear. There is something like wound and it is 'drying' the ear from the top. It's making the skin gauzy and transparent!

Both my baby rabbits mix with the their adult parent on a regular basis and I was thinking that maybe one of them has bitten it, or something. But then why would these symptoms only be on one baby and not the other baby. Since finding this problem I've stopped them all mixing together until I find out what the problem is.

I have asked some veterinarians and told them about the symptoms but they didn't really help and one told me to put Vaseline on it. I did this but it didn't help at all.

The fact that it is spreading and growing bigger is baffling to me and the fact that the other baby rabbit is not affected anywhere.

I do know that it must hurt because the baby doesn't let me touch the ear without the obvious signs of it being painful.

I really hope that you can help me and the baby rabbit in telling me what this is and what I can do to make it better.

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May 26, 2015
I Don't Think It's Ear Mites?
by: Rosmarry Angelova

Thank You for your fast answer Kerry.

I read the page you suggested to me and looked at lots of photos of rabbits with ear mites and it just doesn't seem like the same thing.

I don't have any idea. Do you have any other ideas as to what this might be?

Thank you for helping me :))))


May 26, 2015
Oh Dear Poor Bunny!
by: Kerry

Oh dear - poor little bunny.

I find it odd that the vet told you to just put Vaseline on it. This may sooth any itchiness but it doesn't treat the cause. But you didn't say if you actually took the bunny to the vet. Without them seeing the actual problem they will find it very difficult to diagnose.

I am just going from two photos here and remember I am not a vet so any advice I offer is only my opinion from experience. It is always best to get a professional diagnosis and treat your rabbit with the proper treatment as advised by a qualified rabbit savvy vet.

That said have a read of this page and see if it might be ear mites.

If it is do a Amazon search here for 'rabbit ear mite treatment' (The Amazon box on the right goes straight to pet supplies)

Let me know how you get on.

Kerry :-)

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