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The Best Indoor Rabbit Breeds

Top 10 House Rabbits - All pets like living in warm friendly environments and rabbits are no exception. Here are some of the best indoor rabbit breeds...Top 10 House Rabbits - All pets like living in warm friendly environments and rabbits are no exception. Here are some of the best indoor rabbit breeds...

Popular Choice

House rabbits are becoming more popular every year and well done if you've decided to have your rabbit(s) living with you in your home.

It's really where they should be.

All pets like living in warm friendly environments and rabbits are no exception. Here are some of the best rabbit breeds to live indoors.

Find out much more about house rabbits here...
House RabbitAll pets like living in warm, clean & friendly environments... who wouldn't!

The top 10 house bunny rabbits are listed further below.

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Research Before You Commit to a Rabbit

House Bunny Extra Care Resources

Because the house bunny rabbit is such a special kind of pet, I have dedicated a whole section on their behaviour, care and handling just to them.

I recommend a quick read before you decide on which type of house bunny is right for you:

  • Behaviour of House Rabbits - House rabbits have natural wild rabbit habits that can be trained out or you can learn to change and adapt.
  • Raising Indoor Rabbits - General care & handling. If your new to house bunnies, even just rabbits in fact, this is a great article to get you started.
  • Indoor House Rabbit Diet - Indoor rabbits need extra attention paid to their diet especially as they are not foraging for themselves.
  • Indoor Rabbit Health - There are some things to look out for when looking after indoor bunnies, here's a great little health-check page.
  • Exercising the Indoor Bunny - Indoor rabbits need a certain amount of freedom to run and play, it's vital to their happiness.
  • Indoor Rabbits versus Outdoor Rabbits - This ebook points out the main differences. House rabbits are a fairly new introduction to the indoor 'pet' status so it's important to understand the difference between keeping a rabbit indoors as part of your family as opposed to letting it live outdoors in the garden or back yard.
  • Living Arrangements - You are going to have to make some changes when your bunnies move in, just as you would with a new baby!
  • Socialization With Other Pets
    Here you will learn how to help other pets in the household get along with your house rabbits. This page helps you get it right, from the start, less drama that way! 
  • House Bunny Proofing - Rabbit proofing your home is vital not only for their safety but also for the harmonious atmosphere you create. Your precious possessions will be safe and your rabbits will be happier living in a safe and secure environment.
  • Suitability Check - You may have decided that you want rabbits in your life, but are rabbits really suitable for you and your home? Find out here...
  • Notes to Remember - With all the Just Rabbits Top 10 Lists there are few points to remember...
  • The Cheaters Way - If you are struggling to decide on your perfect type of rabbit, there is an easier way right here!
  • Two of the Best - Once you've decided on your perfect bunny, there are only two good places to source your new family friends!
  • What About Names!? - OK, you've decided on the type & breed, and where to get your bunny, but with that personality, what on earth shall you call her!?
  • About Your Bunny? - Tell us your story, share your precious bunny pics and how you decided on your perfect pet rabbit! It helps us all!

It's alright, you won't be tested on that little lot, but all of the above pages and information sections are very informative and helpful.

I wish they were online before I got my house bunnies, there would be a lot less stress all round I can tell you!

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Third Most Popular Pet

The adorable rabbit is a very popular show animal and pet. Thousands of rabbit shows happen every year all over the world. The domesticated rabbit is the third most popular mammalian pet in Britain after dogs and cats!

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Quick Check

Is a RABBIT Right for You?

Is a rabbit right for you?

Is a Rabbit Right for You?

Rabbits are very loving, social animals, which means they not only love to spend time with their human owners, they need it.

Rabbits are genetically built to be happiest when they are with other rabbits. Usually most people keep rabbits either on their own or with another rabbit but they need much more attention than that.

Without human interaction, rabbits can get bored, even to the point of becoming lonely and depressed. While toys can alleviate some of their boredom, they still need human attention and interaction.

While a rabbit may get excited to see you like a dog, or use a litter box like a cat, you can't really compare them dogs or cats. They are rabbits, completely different from either. They have their own personalities and their own unique language.

House bunny rabbits make excellent, intelligent pets for good intelligent people!  If you are thinking about getting a rabbit or even better, rabbits, plural, then you should be prepared to learn a few things before your loving house bunny comes to share your home with you.

Here's a few more things you may want to brush up on:

  • Rabbit Terminology - Human words and phrases commonly used in the rabbit world.
  • Rabbit Language - Rabbits are surprisingly vocal, click and listen to the sounds, some scary, some beautiful.
  • Rabbit Behaviour - Their body language tells you something too, find out what they all mean.

Are YOU Right for a Rabbit?

Are YOU Right for a rabbit. Does your lifestyle have room for a nibbly attention seeker?

Are You Right for A Rabbit?

OK, so you want to know which breed of house rabbit is best for you. But STOP, have you thought about if YOU are right for them!?

Let's look at your checklist...

Are you the right kind of person to live with a rabbit?

Does your lifestyle have room for a nibbly attention seeker?

Rabbits make wonderful house pets for the right people.

  • Are you patient, kind and loving?
  • Do you have a sense of humour?
  • Do you enjoy watching the movements and learning the language of another species?
  • Are you prepared to read a lot of rabbit care information?
  • Does your schedule include plenty of time at home?
  • Are you comfortable spending a lot of time on the floor?
  • Are you not overly fussy with your furniture?

If you can say YES to that little lot, then I think you're just perfect to have a house bunny rabbit!

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Top 10 House Bunny Rabbits

Ready? Set? Go!

If you are completely prepared for a house bunny and you've grasped the basic principles of keeping a pet rabbit, there are some breeds, (in my opinion), that make quite good indoor pets.

Here's your Top 10 in no particular order:
(Click the names or the pictures of your chosen rabbit breed to find out more!)

Holland Lop

1. Holland Lop -
They are popular house pets, and are very popular for show too. Although my two scruffy bundles wouldn't do well. They are known for their sweet temperament and non-aggressive behaviour and they retain a certain dog-like tenacity. They even have a mad 5 minutes all over your furniture, just like a happy dog!

German Lop

2. German Lop -
Slightly smaller than the French Lop, they are a friendly, playful breed with a fantastic temperament and a naturally laid back attitude. They make an excellent pet both indoors and outdoors as well as a great show breed. They love to play and can be taught to use a litter-box and come when called.

American Fuzzy Lop

3. American Fuzzy Lop -
Similar to the Holland Lop but with wool similar to the Angora. They have a short, flat muzzle like a cat and are active, playful & social with lots of personality. They enjoy the attention of their owner, and other rabbits and really enjoy toys such as plastic balls, pine cones and old stuffed socks!

4. Continental Giant -
You'll need a big house for this one, when fully grown adults can weigh up to 30lbs! They have wonderful personalities, can be litter trained and make wonderful house rabbits. They are also great with children, (training on handling needed with kids though) due to their docile and placid natures. They just love to be cuddled!


5. Hulstlander -
A rare breed, stunning in pure white with amazing blue eyes rather than pink. They are known for being inquisitive, playful and confident. They’re also very intelligent and are therefore very quick learners. They are eager explorers so watch those cables. They enjoy running about too so give them plenty of exercise time and space. Cheeky little chappies!

6. New Zealands -
Great with children and other pets, very relaxed about being handled and rarely aggressive. They make a great beginner bunny as they are calm, easy-going and friendly. Known for their social, outgoing behaviour and enjoy being part of the family. In a choice of colours too - Red, Black , White & Broken.

Note: Not to be confused with the British New Zealand Red which is a different breed but equally perfect as a house bunny.

Brazilian Rabbit

7. Brazilian -
These rabbits are just amazing, they are hugely friendly and gentle, towards people, other rabbits and even other animals. They love just heaping themselves up in a big cuddly mass of bodies. Very sociable and gentle and love to play house and even come when they are called.

8. English Lop -
English Lops are known for their excellent temperament and for being very calm and placid with laid-back characters. They are a very amiable rabbit, with a friendly outgoing personalities, being more docile and gentle in comparison to other breeds. They are well suited to indoor life as their very long ears stay much cleaner!

9. Lilac -
Lilacs are playful, sweet and friendly bunnies that enjoy attention and being held. Females can enjoy sitting on your lap for hours while you pet them. They are very clean and like to arrange their toys and food dishes neatly in their 'home'. Male Lilacs love being petted as well and are very playful, they just love toys!

10. Alaska -
The Alaska rabbit has a well-tempered behavior and are not aggressive so they make great pets. They are bubbly, outgoing, gentle, very loving and will love to spend hours at a time with you. Their fur is amazing, so soft and silky, you'll never want to stop stroking them!

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A Note About The Top 10

Other Breeds

If you still haven't found the right bunny rabbit for you, then hop over and have a look at all the rabbit breeds in this extensive alphabetical list - there's bound to be a breed there that you will fall in love with at first sight!

There Are Exceptions

The top 10 rabbits listed in the  recommended selection above are only given as a guide and are not an exact science.

Please remember the following when considering bringing any new rabbit in to your family:

  • There are many other varieties of rabbit that would be suitable, the breeds listed above are just an introduction to a few bunny breeds to get you started.
  • Rabbits have their own individual personalities just like people. Not all of them are sweetness and light!
  • One rabbit may be friendly and loving yet another rabbit of the same breed may be bad tempered and bitey!
  • Previous experiences like trauma, stress or bad handling may have affected their temperament.
  • A rabbit that is docile friendly and loving with you or another rabbit might be anti-social, bossy, dominant or even timid and insecure with someone else or another rabbit.
  • All rabbits need a great deal of care, the right diet and plenty of exercise and attention - no exceptions on this subject!

Spaying & Neutering

For the easiest handling and companionship of a rabbit overall, be sure to have yours spayed or neutered by 6 months to prevent territorial marking and behaviour. This is much healthier for your rabbit and will allow them to live longer too!

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Choosing a Rabbit Breed?

Need Help Finding the Perfect Rabbit Breed for You?

10 Ways to Choose CheatSheet
eMail for Digital Delivery:

New to Rabbits?

If you are new to rabbits the rabbit breeds alphabetical list will probably not be much use to you. The rabbit breed names will be a list of unfamiliar, strange sounding woolly lion, Himalayan dwarf thingummies, that may confuse and mystify, rather than enlighten and enrich.

As a newbie, the main question you will probably be asking yourself is, "Which is the best rabbit breed for me?".

With so much choice available in the rabbit breeds list, and the many considerations to note about your needs, and the needs of your family, you will have a hard decision making process ahead.

You may even be part of a family that is yet to be convinced of the benefits of raising rabbits, in which case lots of research and tools to help you decide, or persuade, are vital to your quest.

So it's a good thing Just Rabbits has the perfect answer for you!

10 Simple Ways to Choose the Best Breed of Rabbit

Quick, Easy - Download Now!

Yep that's right... the title does exactly what it says!

It will give you all the information you need to make that perfect choice.

This super-duper 'cheat-sheet' is the ideal way for anyone that is fairly new to raising rabbits to come up with their perfect bunny breed and variety!

Follow the simple advice on this easy to understand pdf download.

Just fill in your details to the right to get yours right now...

10 Ways to Choose CheatSheet
eMail for Digital Delivery:

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Where to Get Your Rabbit

The Two Best Places

Rabbit Rescue Centres / Breeders

Rescuing a rabbit from a shelter or charity is by far the best way to find your perfect rabbit pal
  1. Adoption & Re-homing Centres
    Rescuing a rabbit from a shelter or charity is by far the best way to find your perfect rabbit pal.

    There are adoption and rescue centres worldwide, so you should be able to find one near you.

    Here you will find a list of all the rabbit rescue centres in the UK.

    I'm sure you'll find your perfect home companions just waiting for you there.

    And you'll 'just know' when you see them too!

  2. Registered, Reputable Breeders
    If you wish to breed your rabbits to protect the line of a rare breed or you wish to show your rabbits at exhibitions etc, then sourcing from a reputable, recommended breeder is the way to go.

    There are many good breeders listed in the Rabbit Association, Rabbit Council or Rabbit Authority for your country.

    For more information and to select from breeders worldwide go to this page in the first instance.
A Note About Pet Shops

Please don't buy a rabbit from a pet shop.

The reasons are disturbing.

There is no exception to this rule, adhered to by all rabbit lovers.

There is no evidence thus far to make it safe to remove this statement.

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Perfect Rabbit Names

Your Rabbit Needs the Right Name

Every bunny has a personality and that should be reflected in their name.

You'll be using their name a lot over the years, to train, to call to talk about, so it should be the right one!

If you need help deciding the appropriate name for your perfect rabbit companion, then look no further.

The following pages have an extensive database of hundreds of suitable bunny names that may just contain your ideal match.

I have divided the pages into suitable groups:

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Add Your Rabbit!

Share Your Bunny Story...

What's your rabbit story? Share your beautiful bunny pics and stories here.

What breed of rabbit do you have? Do you know? Want some help finding out?

Do they live with you in your home?

What's your story?

I'd love to hear all about you and your rabbits and I'm sure visitors to this page would like to know what type of rabbit you have as a companion in your home, please share - it helps us all!

Is This Your Breed of Rabbit?

Everyone loves to read stories about a particular breed of rabbit. Submit yours and I'll include it on the relevant rabbit breed page for others that love the breed to share and appreciate. Sharing is what this site was built for - feels good too!

Are You a Breeder?
Do you breed these rabbits? Let us know. Adding yourself to our directory will improve your contact database and give you more recognition for the great work you do.

Add to the Breed Profile
Have I Missed Anything? If you know something about the breed standard, history or status of this rabbit, please let me know. Keeping the breed profiles up to date benefits everyone and in most cases I will recognise your contribution with a link back to your social media or website.

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Social Media Commenting

Share your views, points, tit-bits and tales! (Remember, you don't have to have a Facebook account to make a comment.)

All input is good, no matter how small ;-) Thank-you.

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