I have read that clover is bad for rabbits. Is this true?

by Samantha

I am drying my own hay from lawnmower leavings in our yard, but unfortunately it is dotted allover with clover. I don't use the stuff that is undoubtedly mostly clover cuttings, but it still makes its way onto the drying bed. Are you sure clover won't hurt them?

The anti-clover people say it can build up gas that the rabbits can't expel. This is deadly. They also say to never feed it lettuce (even in small amounts), Kale or Spinach. Can rabbits Fart? Is Spinach and Kale o.k.?

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May 03, 2017
Lawnmower shavings dangerous
by: BunnyLover

I realize this is an old post but just in case someone else comes across it - please don't give lawnmower cuttings to rabbits! It ferments very quickly once cut by a lawnmower and can prove fatal to rabbits. Just wanted to put up a warning in case as lawnmower cuttings are very dangerous.

Nov 02, 2015
Excellent info
by: Kerry

Excellent info on VHD & Vaccines Jan, thank you.
I'm writing a report ready for the blog and will post as soon as it's finished.
I'll also add links to the FB page.
Thanks again for the heads-up about this nasty virus.
Kerry :-)

Nov 01, 2015
Care when foraging
by: Jan perryman

Lots of helpful suggestions here. Thank you. I have been foraging and dehydrating what I find but I only pick the plants I am sure of. There has been a lot of warnings about a new strain of VHD and so far we have no cases on the Isle of Wight but many areas of the country have several cases. That are resistant to the present vaccine and many areas have run out of the present vaccine.We need to take extra care with hygiene and be careful where we forage in areas where there are wild rabbits. It is best to forage high enough to be sure no wild rabbits have been and to remember to change or disinfect shoes after walking in wild rabbit areas.
No one wants to worry unduly but VHD is a killer and we need to do all we can to protect our buns as far as we can. This proves how important it is to have our buns vaccinated. Hopefully they will already be working on a new vaccine. There is Facebk page Myxomatosis & VHD Map which shows areas where there are cases. It is continually updating. It is a public group so you can ask to join.

Aug 05, 2014
Clover Danger
by: Kerry

Hi Samantha,

My bunnies eat the UK clover in our lawn but not as a matter of choice. There are over 300 types of clover, red clover being quite dangerous and the clover in the uk that bees like is fine.

Like anything too much of something will give anyone gas so small amounts are the key.

I wouldn't give bunnies spinach as it does cause gas and is too rich really for rabbits. They wouldn't eat it in the wild so as a general rule stay away from things that are not naturally found in the habitat.

My bunnies love Kale and I give a small handful to them once or twice a month as a treat. But they have a job getting it because I love it and tend to eat it all myself!

I'm a little concerned though about the 'clippings' you said you are using as short mown grass is really quite bad for bunnies to eat. If it is long (say over 8") it should be Ok but only use if you are really desperate.

This page on diet may help with other concerns: https://www.justrabbits.com/rabbits-diet.html and this page is all about hay and grass, which also may help: https://www.justrabbits.com/rabbit-hay.html

Good luck and I do hope your 'farting' bunnies - yes they do fart, are not so windy in the future.

Kerry :-)

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