James Rabbit and the Giggleberries

by Babette Cole
(Exeter, Devon,UK)

James helps all of his friends & family!

James helps all of his friends & family!

James Rabbit works on a farm for the Measely Weasle brothers who only pay him one penny a week.

This is not enough to feed his numerous baby bunnies, so his wife, Pearl, says he must try to get a bank loan.

James goes to The River Bank to ask that slimy old toad of a bank manager, Walter Croaker for a loan.

The horrid old toad laughs at him and says he should have his baby bunnies made into fur coats and matching handbags.

When James tells Pearl what Walter Croaker said she is very angry. So she gets a part time job as cook for Lord and Lady Brockenhurst up at Set House.

Being a vegetarian she finds it hard to cook for badgers, but they adore her worm flavoured chocolate ice cream.

One day while hanging the washing out in the walled garden at the back of the great house, she sees a broken down old greenhouse.

She asked the Brockenhursts if her husband could grow some carrots for their baby bunnies in it .

The Badgers agree as long as there are plenty of worms in the compost for their favourite ice cream.

Pearl runs back to the burrow to tell James Rabbit.

That very night the whole family work hard to mend the greenhouse. Soon it is as good as new.

James makes wonderful compost and fantastic worms.

The Brockenhursts are so pleased they give him a silver sixpence to buy some carrot seed.

James does not know what carrot seed looks like and he is sold some very odd looking "carrot seed" at Carroton Farmers Market by some dishonest squirrel sisters called Salome and Delilah Acorn.

That night James plants the seeds and sings a magic song, which he made up all on his own to make them grow.

But when he came back later to water them they had not grown into carrots at all but instead they'd grown into tons of mad giggling berries.

If you get ticked by a Giggleberrie you cannot stop laughing and this is exactly what happened when they started ticking James!

He took them to show Pearl, who was furious, until they tickled her and she went into fits of the giggles.

Then she had the bright idea of giving them away in Carroton to all those sad little creatures that Walter Croaker had upset and done out of their pennies with his nasty bank.

All the little animals loved the Giggleberries and a big noisy street party followed.

Walter Croaker hated to see any body having fun, especially outside his bank, so...

He offered to give James a loan if he would stop giving away Giggleberries on the steps outside his office but James said he did not need a loan anymore. He said if he could make folk as happy as they all were now with his Giggleberries, well he was rich as a BILLION HARE!

Slimy Walter Croaker was so mad he slipped on a pile of Giggleberries and got so ticked he magically became a much nicer toad. He started giving all the banks money away!!

And from that day on, Rabbit's baby bunnies never went hungry again!


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Jul 29, 2015
How lovely!
by: Kerry

What a lovely little story! I really enjoyed reading it.

If you have some original pics just send them in and I'll add them to the page.

And where can I get some of those amazing Giggleberries? I know quite a few people that could do with a dose ;-)

Thanks for sharing Babette


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