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The Best Bunny Stories...

Apr 03, 2017

Bunny Bonding Blues

I have a year old mixed breed rabbit named Zoey, who used to be bonded to her sister. Sadly, her sister passed away and (since, Zoey has been declared

Continue reading "Bunny Bonding Blues"

Mar 15, 2017

Rabbit Bonding - When Will It Happen?

I have a 9 month old dwarf rabbit (Peanut) who was split up from his brother due to them fighting when they reached maturity. Peanut's brother went to

Continue reading "Rabbit Bonding - When Will It Happen? "

Feb 07, 2017

Rabbits as Pets - Top 10 Rabbit Breeds

Top 10 rabbits as pets: for children, indoors, outdoors & companionship. Plus 10 Simple Ways to Choose YOUR best breed. Are you prepared? Get the Ultimate New Rabbit Checklist!

Continue reading "Rabbits as Pets - Top 10 Rabbit Breeds"

Feb 03, 2017

Rabbit bonding help please...

I was hoping someone could offer me a little advice to help with my rabbit bonding... I have 2 male dwarf lops, both around 7 months. These were my sisters

Continue reading "Rabbit bonding help please..."

Feb 03, 2017

Oops, it's a boy!

My family got our first bunny, a Holland Lop Broken Chocolate Buck last spring, he is currently 9 months old. We wanted him to have a companion,

Continue reading "Oops, it's a boy!"

Jan 26, 2017

My Rabbit Doesn't Poop Well

I have a pet rabbit of about 4-5 months, living with me in Italy, city Milano. Several weeks ago my rabbit stopped pooping well: she did it little

Continue reading "My Rabbit Doesn't Poop Well"

Jan 18, 2017


I was told my lion head mix was a male so I didn't separate him from my other two males. Then I saw 'him' nesting last Thursday and found out she's female!

Continue reading "MY BUN HAD KITS"

Jan 17, 2017

Perfect Paired Bunny Names

Rabbit's Names are Perfect in Pairs... 1.Sooty and Sweep the cutest names especially if they are black and brown bunnies. 2.Robin and Marion adorable

Continue reading "Perfect Paired Bunny Names"

Jan 17, 2017

Have I Hurt My New Bunny?😑😑

My son has just got his first own pet (a mini lop rabbit). For the first 4 days he had plenty of hay and water and I was told to give him green veg and

Continue reading "Have I Hurt My New Bunny?😑😑"

Jan 05, 2017

Rabbit Fleas

Our house rabbit has picked up fleas from our cats. They do not share any common spaces but somehow she picked them up. Her coat is very dense.

Continue reading "Rabbit Fleas"

Jan 05, 2017

Rabbit Snuffles - Antibiotics and Natural Remedies

Our bun has the snuffles for the second time in less than a month! The vet has reissued the meds, and Bun has now been taking them for 24 hours. He

Continue reading "Rabbit Snuffles - Antibiotics and Natural Remedies"

Dec 15, 2016

My Rabbit Can't Stand

My rabbit can't stand up or hop and also has skin problem. Over the last several months I have taken my rabbit to two different vets. The 1st one weighed

Continue reading "My Rabbit Can't Stand"

Dec 14, 2016

Expect the Unexpected

I have always liked rabbits and had a few growing up. I have lead a pretty unstable lifestyle for a long time and knew that I would not be able to have

Continue reading "Expect the Unexpected"

Nov 13, 2016

Rabbits for Foodies

We have food themed Rabbits here, except poor Thumper. He does live up to his name though :D Bunny #1 Female Dwarf Hotot Names Considered: Snowball Snowflake

Continue reading "Rabbits for Foodies"

Nov 10, 2016

Bunnies are Given a Second Chance...

...Thanks to Portsmouth Rabbit Rescue Group With their cute furry faces and soft long ears, it is hard to resist a cuddle with a rabbit. But despite being

Continue reading "Bunnies are Given a Second Chance..."

Nov 05, 2016

Natural Antibiotics for Rabbits

Natural antibiotics can be found easily from in your fridge to growing in your garden - Here are the top 10 that the FDA don't want you to know about!

Continue reading "Natural Antibiotics for Rabbits"

Oct 22, 2016

Mystery Rabbit Deaths - Is it RHD-2?

Hi there, Just this Thursday morning before school I went out to see my three rabbits, they were all acting fine and showed no symptoms of illness.

Continue reading "Mystery Rabbit Deaths - Is it RHD-2?"

Oct 18, 2016

Male Bunny Names - Rabbit Names for Bucks

This male bunny names generator has over 250 buck bunny rabbit names, hundreds of perfect names for pairs of rabbits and hundreds of female bunny rabbit names, your brain will be hoppin' & a skippin'!

Continue reading "Male Bunny Names - Rabbit Names for Bucks"

Oct 09, 2016

Aggression in Rabbits

The Top 5 Reasons for Aggression in Rabbits and how to systematically deal with each to avoid stress, sickness, sense deprivation, territorial behaviour and bad habits.

Continue reading "Aggression in Rabbits"

Oct 06, 2016

Top 10 Companion Rabbits

Top 10 Companion Rabbits. If you have lots of love and affection to give an animal companion, don't choose a dog or a cat, choose a rabbit - Train them to be your best buddy!

Continue reading "Top 10 Companion Rabbits"

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