Kamil my BFFF (Best Furry Friend Forever)

by Amelia
(Miami, Florida, USA )

My little girl is just as glam as mommy! Just look at her looking in the mirror.

My little girl is just as glam as mommy! Just look at her looking in the mirror.

My little girl is just as glam as mommy! Just look at her looking in the mirror.
Glam I am
Just here being fab
My hair is a mess, mom is in pjs but my Starbucks is good so life is good

My Best Furry Friend!

Kamil is a black lionhead rabbit who brings so much joy to my heart.

I didn't choose Kamil, Kamil chose me!

She literally hopped to me when I went to pick one up from the pen where I bought her.

That second I became her mother. She is the perfect bunny so I named her Kamil which means "perfect" in Arabic.

Kamil loves to snuggle with me and take a nap. She loves being dressed up and looking pretty. She poses for pictures, she moves her head and sticks out one leg and she stays still.

She responds to her name and snapping and she is "potty" trained, she only does her business one corner of her cage, and if she's out of the cage she lets me know she has to go by scratching like she's digging.

She lets me cut and paint her nails & even lets me put tiny rollers in her mane.

She never bites. Somtimes I put my finger in her mouth and she just sucks on it as if she was breast feeding.

She gives me Eskimo kisses and sometimes licks me.

She loves instrumental music but I also sing "Colors of the Wind" from Pocahontas so that she knows I see her as an equal with a soul. She loves it when I sing, and I think she understands me. She is very smart and I think it helps her self esteem and general happiness.

She's a true princess, an angel, my little bundle of joy. I love her so much and I feel so special because I know there is no one she loves more than me. She has also made me a better person because I am now a vegetarian and don't buy anything unless it is cruelty free.

Amelia (Miami)

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