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Names for Buck Rabbits

Choosing the perfect bunny rabbit name for your special bun is an important business!Choosing the perfect bunny rabbit name for your special bun is an important business, they need a name that fits, you'll be using it for many years too so it needs to be right.

I've put together some rabbit names that I think really suit a male rabbit but bunny names are great, in the fact that some of them are pretty generic, like 'Binky', 'Flopsy' & 'Sniffer'.

So you may find a name on these rabbit name generators too:

names for male rabbits

Share Your Names

I bet you can think of some good rabbit names. What are your pet bunnies called?

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rattling round in your head.

You may help someone who's stuck for a good name!

Male Rabbit Names

(Buck Rabbit Names)

Choosing the perfect name for your pet buck bunny rabbit is an important business! Rabbits learn to respond to their names and you'll be using it for many years so it needs to be right. All rabbits have their own unique personalities so they need their own unique name too! 

A male rabbit name says a lot about you but it also tells others about the nature of your rabbit. The right choice of buck name lets people know if you rabbit is friendly, grumpy, shy or even slightly mental and scary. You would readily go ahead and pick up or cuddle a rabbit called 'Snuggles' but would you feel the same about a grumpy rabbit prone to biting if he was called 'Jaws'?

This generator has over 250 male rabbit names suitable for a male buck rabbit.

Whatever breed your bunny rabbit is, try to pick a name that fits with your male rabbits' personality. (he he, have fun!)

Male Rabbit Names

Click the "Name My Buck"
Your random boy rabbit name will appear below.

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Have a play around, and remember this is just for fun but it might jog your thinking and help you come up with a name of your own!

Footnote About Rabbit Name Generators

The rabbit name generator has been developed using an out-sourced code but has been modified and personally populated with names by me.

I know how difficult (and important) it is to give your pet rabbit the right name so...

I carefully researched all the bunny names I have ever come across on the Web, in books and also from the bunny-related hotpot of info that was already in my head, (locked away in some deep dark recess no doubt) and came up with these comprehensive rabbit name generators just for you.

Hopefully, it might help you with your final decision! 

What's Yours Called?

If you have any rabbit names that are swirling around in your head just itching to get out, then please share. It would be great to see what you come up with.

I personally think the weirder, the better, but I do like those good old fluffy, cute names that are unmistakably rabbit!

What Are Your Favourite Rabbit Names?

I've heard of some really ingenious rabbit names and I'm sure you have too.

What are your pet bunnies called? List some of your favourites!

If you have found inspiration from the names offered here, let us know, we'd love to know which name you finally decided on and WHY!

What Other Visitors Have Listed

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Perfect Paired Bunny Names 
Rabbit's Names are Perfect in Pairs... 1.Sooty and Sweep the cutest names especially if they are black and brown bunnies. 2.Robin and Marion adorable …

10 Names for Male Rabbits 
1. Tobi I really like this name as it's sounds really cute and loveable. 2. Thumper Again really cute and makes the rabbit sound innocent 3. …

Doe or Buck Names 
Nova, Vesper, Lili, Lily, Mya, Coby, Cloe, Zeena, Zero, Zoë, Zander, Lattë, (Pumpkin) Spice, Carrot (Cake), and I could just …

Doe names 
Hazel Pebbles Aurora Daffodil Patches

Cute Rabbit Names 
Here are my choices for cute rabbit names: Albus Bashful Blitz Blizzard Commit Caramel Cupid Cuddles Cocoa Flash Honey Happy Marshmallow …

A little bit of Disney Boy Rabbit names... Not rated yet
Abu, Bambi, Chip, Dash, Flower, Stitch, Squirt, Hercules, Tank, Thumper, Tigger, Waffles, Bubbles, Buttercup, Teddy, & Peanut …

Male Baby Bunny Names Not rated yet
Theo Thumper Leo Jynx Jinkx Robin Jr Jett Chessnut Chessknut Reptar Len Juno Quinn Buddy Batman Trace

Rabbit Names - My Favs Not rated yet
Bem Fezzik Jaciel Aggi Diesel Javier Wiskey Sloth

Black Baby Doe Rabbit Names Not rated yet
Theodore Storm Coal Blake Oreo Buster Pepper

Best Bunny Names Not rated yet
Ace Blaze Caramel Chase Champ Cinnamon Bear Patches Pebbles Shadow Smokey Clover Cocoa Chestnut Mittens Comet …

Awesome Bunny Names Not rated yet
Awesome Bunny Names For Any Bunny Rabbit Who Wants to Be Cool! Jon Snow Thundercloud Thunderfoot Silverfrost Diggy Tiki Rune …

'A Combination of Rabbit Names' Not rated yet
Nala Dusty Gizmo Oreo Patches Thumper Hazel Cinnimon Ginger

Funky Rabbit Names Not rated yet
bailey midnight alfed accopolo ruthed emporio stormy misty armani kicker trouble mayhem abert aryan johnny tommy george fluffy

Male & Female Rabbit Names Not rated yet
1. Storm 2. Caspar 3. Cadbury 4. Oskar 5. Pepsi 6. Cola 7.Pepper 8. Chilli 9. Mustard 10. Creamer 11. Oreo 12. Biscuit 13. Teddy 14. Angel …

Bunny Names Not rated yet
Pippin, Cookie, Coka, Kiki, Totaro, Toetoe, Tatum, Gigi, Dandelion, Nettle, Paddy, Paddington, Panda, Coco, April, May, June.

Bun Boy names Not rated yet
Here are some good bun boy names: Seamus Harley Milo Georgie Pickles Peter Punch Ashes Elmer Mickey Homer Harry Cotton Maui

Bunny names Not rated yet
Silvester, Bambi, Thumper, Hercules, Oliver, Napolean, Illy, Polly,

Names for Cuddly Buns Not rated yet
Here are some names for really cuddly bunny rabbits... Mr. Cuddles Mrs. Cuddles Twinkles Cuddley Bun Cinnabun Peaches Pumpkin Pie …

Good Rabbit Names for Bucks & Does Not rated yet
-gizmo -flopsy -Alicia -fluffy -Oreo -dreams -bazzle -bengi -besil -binky -Clipsy -clizmo

Buck names Not rated yet
Theodore - Theo Dexter Diego Finn - Finley - Finny Tolan Buster Buckley

Just a Few Rabbit Names Not rated yet
Here are a few more rabbit names... Arlo Bubba Cecil Chica Chuey Eddy Fergus Inga Jako Jimmy Lester Lola Lucille …

Smart But Cute Male Name Not rated yet
Tony Rabbot

Names for Bucks,,Flemish rabbits Not rated yet
Samson, Goliath,,Flash, Ringo,,Revo

Clouds Murphy  Not rated yet
I have 2 rabbits.. I just got a new one today! It's a boy. The one I already had was named Clouds!!!

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