More Brace Names!

by Kaeden
(New Bedford, Massachusetts, United States Of America)

Fluffer and Nutter = Fluffernutter!
Bonnie and Belle = Bonniebelle!
Tuck and Roll = Tuck + Roll!
Taco and Belle = Taco Bell
Peanut and Buttercup = Peanutbutter Cup!
Slip and Slide = Slip n' Slide!
Teeter and Totter = Teetertotter!

For a Brace of 2 bun buns, These are some pretty fun names!
My Cinnamon colored bun is called Fluffer, And My sister's Fawn one is Nutter (at the top of the list)! I hope you like this post and give it a high rating! My Buns will be happy!

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