My Husband Bought A Bunny!

by Audra

Holland Lop Cross?

Holland Lop Cross?

Holland Lop Cross?
The Unknown Shadow

My husband recently bought a bunny for my daughter and I'm trying to find out what breed it is?

I am doing my best to find out all I can about it so we can care for it properly, and so we know what to expect, and do, in the coming years.

I messaged the breeder to find out what type it is and she thought it was one of their New Zealands. However, it just doesn't look like any of the pictures I have seen.

Our mysterious little bunny has blue eyes and is greyish in color as you can see from the photo, so is unlike most of the New Zealands I have seen. His ears lie down instead of stick up as well.

I contacted the breeder again and apparently he was born around the end of February (2015) but couldn't give me any more information.

We have named him Shadow because of his coloring.

I wondered if anyone could be of any help in working out what breed our rabbit is!

Thank you for your help.

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Apr 16, 2015
New Evidence - Just In!
by: Kerry

Thanks Audra for the new photo.

I think Shadow is probably a Holland Lop Cross

You can find out more about Lop Eared Rabbits here:

And in particular, The Holland Lop here:

But I could be wrong. He's not a proper Holland lop as his ears are too long and thin.

Any Holland lop breeders care to comment?

Kerry :-)

Apr 15, 2015
The Unknown Shadow
by: Kerry

Hi Audra,

Just looking at the photo, I'd say this was a Palomino / New Zealand cross but it is very difficult to say from the photo.

It looks as if the ears will be upright when fully grown, but sometimes one ear may droop a little all the time. This is a genetic defect I'm afraid but perfectly OK health-wise and I think it makes him look even cuter!

Can anyone else shed some light on to this gorgeous 'Shadow' and bring him out of the dark!

Thanks for sharing Audra, he really is adorable.


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