My Max Factor Baby

by Emily

Maxine - She is a little diva!

Maxine - She is a little diva!

Maxine - She is a little diva!
Notice her legs but still has a happy spirit
Young Maxine - Tthe day I brought her home

I was looking at a fellow breeders stock one day, when they showed me a Max Factor baby rabbit (she had fur but was still not weaned).

The breeder expressed sadly that they would have to put her down do to being no use in the rest of the stock.

I fell in love with her and they thankfully gave me her. I raised her and she is doing amazing.

I've had her for about 3 years and she has adapted well! She requires a lot of care and attention but she is worth it. She is spoiled ha hah.

Since she can't see, she gets spooked by strangers, and can therefore be a bit moody sometimes.

Since she can't hop, she's adapted and just uses her front legs to kind of pull herself along (aka 'scoot').

I called her Maxine. She is a true miracle baby and is worth every ounce of my hard work.

I wish more breeders would give the special ones a chance, or to let someone else be given a chance to take care of them, and who wants them.

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Nov 08, 2016
Idiot breeders
by: Frarmer1

It is commendable to care for a special needs animal.
However, how does a breeder justify breeding more? The max factor is used to artificially create miniature rabbits that produce these mutants, Yes, that's what they are. What kind of humane person thinks that knowingly breeding and producing a rabbit that cannot blink is ok? It's greed, for money and ribbons.

Nov 13, 2015
A Need to Survive
by: Kerry

The sheer determination of some Max Factor kits have when it comes to wanting to survive, amazes me every time.

Often these contorted bundles of fluff can't walk because their back legs are deformed beyond repair. Their eyelids are often permanently open causing all manor of suffering from hay & dust in the air. Many struggle internally causing all degrees of digestive problems, yet still, a brave few of these little miracles have a determination to survive beyond all reasoning.

It's these little fellas that need our help. I don't believe that destroying these kits is a good thing when they clearly show a willingness to survive.

Yes, it's true, nature can soon take over and life comes to an end, but if it does, it's a natural end and to there's a peace in that.

Then there's the other choice...

If you are a rabbit breeder or you raise rabbits and you see obvious pain and suffering in a baby rabbit for whatever reason and this pain is a constant thing, then you have to evaluate the situation and act accordingly.

However, if euthanasia is the preferred choice because it is more 'economical' both in monetary and time terms then maybe a more moral understanding and appreciation of life may be persuaded upon.

Of course these are my personal thoughts only, and everyone has a right to their own life and how they live it, but I think if an animal shows signs of wanting to survive then we must do everything in our power to make it so.

There are lots of things that can be done to help these rabbits and you only have to delve as far as Google to find out.

However, I will be writing a special report on Max Factor kits and other problems that may befall rabbit breeders - just sign up for my Rabbit Report for more details and helpful tips etc.

Kerry :-)

Nov 12, 2015
More Information to Raise Our Max Factor Baby
by: Nine Gables Rabbitry

We need information to better raise our Max Factor baby.

We raise pedigree Netherland dwarf rabbits and we have gotten our first living Max Factor.

He is now fourteen days old we are hoping to get some advice on eye care,nutrition, etc.. as he is very tiny but strong and seems to have an incredible will to live.

Everyday we go down to the kitchen where his mother and two healthy siblings are living in a huge enclosure with him, expecting he may have passed away during the night.

His eyes are now open but he requires constant cleaning to keep them free of debris.

We would appreciate any advice.

Jul 08, 2015
Most adorable
by: Kerry

I wish there were more people like you Emily, that have the love and dedication needed to care for rabbits like this.

Just imagine how many others are so easily 'destroyed' because breeders assume they can't find loving homes for them.

Thanks for sharing :-)

Maxine is the cutest thing ever!


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