My Rabbit Can't Stand

by Angie
(Los Angeles, Calif. USA)

Rabbits that can't stand need extra special care.

Rabbits that can't stand need extra special care.

My rabbit can't stand up or hop and also has skin problem.

Over the last several months I have taken my rabbit to two different vets.

The 1st one weighed him and sold me Meloxicam, but did not address the fur problem and said it was for arthritis.

I told her I was using ACV. She nodded.

I went to another vet. Two visits. Exam, 3 shots X-ray, Metacam and Hydrocortisone 1% with Oatmeal spray, some other oral med. and a Medicated shampoo.

The vet claims that with continued treatment he'll be up and hopping again, but I'm sceptical.

There is no way I can get back and forth to the vet or afford the bills.

My rabbit has soft bumps on his legs and one on belly. Fur is growing back but getting worse in new areas.

He still can't hop, except a few with my help and he's really actually trying, but falls on his side.

The worst problem is he urinates on himself because he can't stand up on his own.

I work and can't be with him all day except weekends.

Rabbits can not be bathed everyday, so all I can do is wipe him down, also bathe him two or three times a week.

All things from vet are used up. I bought a hot spot spray and a rabbit friendly shampoo from pet store.

Any advice?

Thanks! -A

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Dec 15, 2016
by: Chris

I had a rabbit that had soft lumps on ear & back. He could move but slowly stopped moving around. I have the utmost trust in my vets. Laurel Road Animal Clinic in Florida. They did a slide on lumps and xray, it came back his lungs were full of cancer & he had to be put down. I miss the little guy but didn't want him to suffer.

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