My Rabbit Doesn't Poop Well

If your rabbit stops going to the toilet, it's a warning sign!

If your rabbit stops going to the toilet, it's a warning sign!

I have a pet rabbit of about 4-5 months, living with me in Italy, city Milano.

Several weeks ago my rabbit stopped pooping well:

she did it little bit but the poops were very small and hard.

We took the animal to the vet who recommended to give Motilex (clebopride) 1ml/ once a day, zantadine (ranitidina) 0.2 ml/once per day and critical care food for rabbits every 6 hours and to do this therapy for five days.

After 2-3 days of treatment rabbit started to improve and in 5 days seemed to be absolutely fine.

For about 5 days after the treatment everything seemed to be fine, rabbit was active, ate well and pooped normally.

However, about a week ago we noticed that rabbit didn't poop throughout a day at all and started doing it at 7-8 pm in the evening only.

It lasted for 2 days after which we took her to the vet again.

The doctor did the ultrasound and told that the paries of the small bowel were enlarged probably because of enteritis and told us to do the same therapy as previous: Motilex (clebopride) 1ml/ once a day, zantadine (ranitidina) 0.2 ml/once per day and critical care if will be necessary plus the malt paste 1 cm/once a day.

The doctor told us to do this therapy for as long as 1-2 weeks.

Now it is almost a week of this therapy, the rabbit seems to be active, eats normally and drinks a lot, however she still poops only in the evening and at night ( in this periods she poops normally and a lot) but doesn't do it during the day.

We also did the blood tests for rabbit but the results haven't arrived yet.

So we just don't know what to do and if this treatment will help.

I also read that Motilex could be dangerous if given for long periods.

I would be very thankful if you could share your opinions regarding the treatment or your experience with such kind of diseases.

I'm sorry for any grammar or vocabulary mistakes as English is not my native language.


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Jan 26, 2017
Wow Super English!
by: Kerry

First of all, wow you're English is wonderful. I wish my son's was as good as yours lol.

Now your little bunny...

While I appreciate your vet is doing what vets are supposed to do, they are only treating the symptoms here.

I also don't think your rabbit has Enteritis.

Mucoid Enteritis is very dangerous and probably one of the fastest killing rabbit diseases a bunny can develop. This disease often affects young rabbits, but can affect adults too. Enteritis is a severe watery diarrhoea. This is not to be confused with a soft or sticky stool, which is normal. Enteritis by definition is inflamation of the intestinal tract of the rabbit.

Symptoms include Feces that is soft or runny and most often covered with a jelly-like mucus
May be bloated
Appears to be in pain, may be grinding teeth
No eating

Find out more here...

It is more likely that your bunny has GI Stasis. An intestinal slow down can cause ingested hair and food to lodge anywhere along the GI tract, creating a potential blockage. Also, because the cecum is not emptying quickly enough, harmful bacteria can proliferate, their numbers overwhelming those of the normal, beneficial bacteria and fungi in the cecum.

If your rabbit is demonstrating any of these symptoms then it is probably GI stasis:

Small and/or malformed fecal pellets
No fecal pellets
Loss of appetite
Lethargy / hunched posture

Find out more here...

The reason why your rabbit gets better and then worse again is down to the diet.

You must examine exactly what you are feeding them and make corrections immediately.

The information you need is too detailed to describe here. So please get the 3 step program for EVERYTHING you need on diet and health.

Copy and paste this link for more info...

It's cheaper than the vet!

I don't even have a vet. I've never needed one. :-)

Kerry Greener
Just Rabbits Limited

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