My Rabbit is Wounded from Another Rabbit

by Valerie

Smudge's War Wounds

Smudge's War Wounds

My Rabbit is Wounded from Another Rabbit!

Our pet rabbit was beat up by our other pet rabbit.

The attacked rabbit now has missing fur and some scabs.

I feel so sad that this happened to her and am wondering what to do now.

I am cuddling her and hoping she feels safe but does anyone have advice for me?

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Sep 07, 2015
thank you
by: Valerie

Thank you for your reply It was an accident that they were in the room together. We keep them separated b/c we know they don't get along and a door wasn't shut all the way and one got into the other's space. We heard the rustling and ran immediately to stop it. I will get her to the vet but this holiday weekend is making that a little tricky Thank you very much and glad your bunny is better

Sep 06, 2015
War Wounds
by: Kerry

Oh dear!

Hi Valerie, Kerry here...

So sorry to hear about your precious bun!

This also happened to my 'Smudge' (I included a picture in your post) - you can read his story here...

He had to have stitches to close the wounds they were that bad.

If the skin is torn and bleeding it's best to take her to the Vet.

If the wounds have scabbed over without any infection then this may be alright, but I would have her checked just in case as there may be damage you can't see, such as her eyes or in a place that you can't quite get to.

May I ask why she was attacked. If there is a new introduction to the family you may want to read all about rabbit bonding here:

I really hope she gets better soon, you're doing a good job with the cuddles - you can never have enough of those! :-)


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