Mystery Rabbit Deaths - Is it RHD-2?

by Lauren
(High Wycombe )

Hi there,

Just this Thursday morning before school I went out to see my three rabbits, they were all acting fine and showed no symptoms of illness.

When I got home and went to check on them, all three of them were lying down dead.

They had no signs of being attacked and were not bleeding/showing any signs of a cause of death: in fact they all just looked as if they were sleeping.

Do you think that the cause of this was RHD-2?

If not, do you know what else may have caused them to die so suddenly?

I would really appreciate if anyone could let me know what they think?

Also, do you know if there is an available vaccine for it, as I am thinking of in the future getting some more rabbits but I don't want them to die the same way as my last three rabbits :(

Many thanks,

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Oct 23, 2016
by: Kerry

Oh my goodness, this is breaking my heart to read about these poor bunnies.

I'm not a vet but I can suggest The iRabbit READY System. Seriously, everything you need to stop things like this happening is in that program.

My thoughts are with you all - please let me know how you get on.

Warmest regards

Oct 22, 2016
crusty nose
by: Anonymous

My rabbits are not dying but 2 hve got a real thick crust on their nose and I can't get rid of it. I have used pour on ivomectin, turmeric and colloiad silver. one has a little blood on his rear end. I have them isolated. What can i do? I just realized I have chickens close by would that cause the crust (mites)? I am going to put lime on the ground around their pens and may also put some sulphur. Can anyone help me? (the rabbits are Netherland Dwarf)

Oct 22, 2016
by: Mamamia1

Hi so very sorry for your loss, I can't imagine how you feel 😥 I have been trying to get this vaccine for two months now. I spoke to my vet last week and she said there is very little chance of us getting it over here. Please post back if you find out.

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