New Rabbit Checklist

Checklist for Outdoor & Indoor Pet Rabbits

This checklist is perfect for you if you are thinking about getting a pet rabbit, or if you have just bought one, or even if you are thinking about a rescue rabbit (good on you!).

If you are thinking about getting a rabbit, or have recently added rabbits to your life, everything in this checklist is very important and is a very helpful place to start.

Rescue rabbits need a checklist too!Check off a new rabbit checklist before you get your rescue bunnies home!

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Rescue Centre Reports

People have all sorts of problems when they first get their fluffy bundles home.

The RSPCA report that it is actually in the early weeks of getting their rabbits home that people give up and hand them over to rescue centres such as theirs. In fact recent reports show that in a 3 year period the RSPCA rescued over 35,000 rabbits!

rescue rabbitsRescue centres worldwide recommend a new rabbit checklist before getting rescue rabbits home.

Before you bound off for your bundle of bunny...

And, before looking at your new rabbit checklist, please read this...

How Many?!

The scary and awful fact is, the RSPCA is just one of thousands of rescue centres. The figures they give are about the rabbits they know about based on initial reports gathered at the time the rabbits are registered.

What about all the rabbits that are abandoned in the wild every year?

What about the rabbits that are drowned in rivers, shot or eaten by predators?

And even more distressing...

What about all the rabbits that die because of their owner's actions?...

  • Dehydration (lack of water)
  • Sunstroke (no shaded, cool area offered)
  • Fatal Food or Accidental Poisoning
  • Broken Backs (incorrect handling)
  • Fatal Heart-Attack (frightening situations)

So, please read on...

Common Pitfalls

Other problems that make most new rabbit owners give up are small in comparison to the list above, but are enough to make new bunny owners throw in the towel quite early on.

New rabbit owners experience all manner of 'teething' problems when they get their new rabbits home such as having wiring and cables chewed, furniture eaten, plus having clothes and shoes destroyed, (if they have indoor rabbits), to rabbit Houdini tricks under the fence or eating their prize Petunias, and aggressive territory defending (if kept outside).

bunny proofingNew rabbit owners experience all manor of 'teething' problems, such as having wiring and cables chewed...

Stomping about, being territorial and grouchy, going off their food and even biting are also common initial problems all reported by distressed new rabbit owners.


What Happens Now?

If you have already got your rabbit home, you could be wondering,

"What on earth do I do now!?
This is just not as simple as I thought it would be".

Maybe Baby!

Would you bring a new baby home if you hadn't read a new baby book, got some experienced advice or been to some kind of preparation or information class at least?!

NO, of course not and pets, like cats, dogs, hamsters, guinea-pigs etc, including rabbits, are exactly the same.

You are their carer and just as for babies and children, they rely on you for food, shelter, exercise, a safe environment, stimulation and companionship. They don't have a warren of adults helping them, it's all down to you.

The New Rabbit Checklist

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More Important Information


The new rabbit checklist above is only a guideline for you to follow and check off and is especially useful to show children before they take on the responsibility of a pet rabbit.

Showing children the importance of care before their new rabbit comes home will pay dividends in the long run.

How about taking a peek at the top 10 rabbits for children...

Language & Terms

If you're new to rabbits you may be surprised to know that they can communicate with you. Learn what they are saying here...

You may also want to learn the lingo. Rabbit fans, owners and rabbit husbandry people all have their own terms to express all aspects of rabbitry. Here's some commonly used rabbit terms to get you started.

Additional Care

The new rabbit checklist is only the start of your rabbit journey and caring for your rabbit once you have all the equipment and food etc is another matter.

Have a look at this comprehensive pet rabbit care guide - your rabbit will love you for it! 


If you feel this new rabbit checklist has been helpful, please let me know. If you think it can be improved, let me know that too.

I'm grateful for all feedback, from rabbit owners, new rabbit owners and even yet-to-be rabbit owners! 

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