Our Beloved Paddy Boy

by Tom M
(Escanaba, MI)

Our Beloved Paddy Boy just passed away.

He was perhaps the best ever!

Our beloved Paddy Boy was a Holland Lop. He was that golden/tan color with some flecks of gray on him. He was the fourth house bunny we have had over the years, and the only pure Holland Lop we have ever owned.

It took us a while to get used to the wide brow, hiding his eyes straight on, and the lop ears. We previously had a half Lionhead / half Holland Lop, and she was very close in quality and personality to our Paddy Boy.

We are experienced now with "house rabbits" (all having been house rabbits that we have kept) though by no means experts. We have concluded from our moderate experience with several different breeds that the Holland Lop seems to be the more intelligent ones with absolutely loving personalities.

I could go into extreme detail, but suffice it to say that our last two were so very loving and attached to us.

I know what the article means when it was stated that the male Holland Lop is almost "dog-like." He followed my wife around the house! He greeted folks at the door and then, went to the door and bid them "goodbye." And I might add that he was almost totally deaf! Imagine how smart he must have been, picking up so many "cues: from us from visually, without sound!

Unlike some other breeds, we have not experienced any "nippiness" from them (our previous half Lop doe did grunt around her litter pan and was a little territorial about it). Interestingly, Paddy Boy would not back down to two different cats in encounters within our house, as we "sat" our daughter's two different cats at different times. He was brave to a fault. He was never leery or afraid of human company, but rather, greeted them and interacted with them, even hopping on their laps! (rabbits are not necessarily known as lap-sitters, at least not w strangers).

I cannot attest to the Holland Lop from a medical standpoint, except to say that the characteristic "baby-face" is apparently a slight jaw/teeth problem, according to our expert rabbit vet. Not enough room for teeth, so prone to teeth problems which our Holland Lop and the half-Lop had. Ugh!

So, there you have it. I recommend that you find a KNOWLEDGEABLE vet, with expertise in rabbits. It makes all the difference in the world if they get sick, especially with GI stasis.

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Jun 11, 2014
What a Character!
by: Kerry

I've just read your beautiful story about Paddy Boy. What a wonderful character he was, and deaf too!

Thank you so much for sharing.

Do you have any photos of him?

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