Our Rabbit May Be Blind

by Jessica Shea
(Fairbanks Alaska)

Blind Rabbit Eye

Blind Rabbit Eye

Our Rabbit was given to us with damaged swollen eye, which actually looks like it might be blind.

We were given a rabbit free because the person who owned it didn't want to deal with a damaged rabbit.

We think it may end up blind in that eye. Because the color of the eye itself is way off.

It looks as if something, a fox maybe, scratched up the eyeball itself.

It is a bit swollen and has some infection around it too.

At this time we cannot afford a Vet and we would like to use natural help as much as possible anyway.

I cleaned it carefully with warm water then applied some Optometrist friendly antibiotic drops (just a little), and then dosed him with water mixed with a bit of Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) and a bit of essential oils (Frankincense and On Guard) in a dropper directly in his mouth.

He seemed a bit dehydrated when we got him and we think we have that in control now...

Any advice?

We already are attached to the cute little thing...

Thank you
Jessica Shea

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Sep 22, 2015
Blind Bunny
by: Jan Perryman

My little Charlie hasn't had an infected eye but he is albino and I know sometimes these can have sight problems so I asked my vet to check.

He has no sight in the one eye and slight in the other.

I thought there was a problem because he didn't take food straight away. He seemed to follow Bracken and his nose to get to it.

Also when I held food for him he would jump if it touched his face as if he wasn't ready. He was also hesitant when he was jumping down on to steps.

This is why I asked the vet to check.

But he is a happy chap and enjoys exploring with his nose!

So hopefully you will get your bun's eye better and if his sight is reduced, as long as you are aware and help him, he can still have a happy safe life.

Hope he gets better soon.


Sep 21, 2015
Infection is worrying...
by: Kerry (Just Rabbits)

Hi Jessica

If your bunny has an eye injury with an infection then it can be quite serious. Infections can spread very quickly and while the rabbit may not show it, they could be in immense pain.

I really do recommend a Vet visit. Read this post and you'll see what I mean:

In the meantime you can take a look at this page about natural antibiotics, if you haven't already:

I have attached a generic photo to your post as you haven't supplied one, but without a photo for to see the extent of the damage, it will be difficult for me to help fully.

Has anyone else reading this had a similar problem?

Perhaps someone out there has found something that really helped their bunny and you may want to share your solution or story with us...

(Just Rabbits)

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