Perfect Paired Bunny Names

by Ella

Perfect Names for a Pair of Rabbits

Perfect Names for a Pair of Rabbits

Rabbit's Names are Perfect in Pairs...

1.Sooty and Sweep the cutest names especially if they are black and brown bunnies.

2.Robin and Marion adorable names for a brave and excitable pair.

3.Hansel and Gretel, for the ones who are very clever (and love to eat!)

4.Rai and bow, like rainbow this is perfect for any pair of buns.

5.Itchy and Scratchy, for any Simpsons lover (even better if they scratch a lot)

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Jan 17, 2017
Love them!
by: Kerry

Thanks Ella!

These names are great. I really love Itchy and Scratchy lol.

Does anyone actually have rabbits called any of these bunny rabbit name pairs?

Post a photo!

Kerry :-)
Just Rabbits Limited

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