Pet Rabbit Guide

Everything You Need to Know for Choosing a Pet Rabbit

Celebrities who love rabbits - they all know exactly how to choose a pet rabbit!

This pet rabbit guide and new rabbit checklist is perfect if you're thinking about getting a pet rabbit, if you have just got one, or if you're thinking about a rescue rabbit (good on you!).

If you're new to bunnies everything, and I mean everything is really important on this page so please click as many links and info images as you can. And rest assured you're in the best place to start your learning journey :-)

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Where Did You Get That Bunny?...

Your precious bunny-bundles could have got to your home in a variety of ways;

  • Rescue Centre / Animal Shelter
  • Pet Rabbit Breeder
  • Pet Shop / Store
  • A Surprising Gift
  • or a Result of Constant Badgering from Your Kids!

...but just like getting a new baby home, sometimes the next few days, weeks and even months show you that it's not always obvious what to do next.

You could be wondering, "What on earth do I do now!? This is just not as simple as I thought it would be".

Any number of problems rear their ugly heads and that's when you rush to the vets, buy an expensive rabbit book, or turn to the Internet for answers.

And that's great but after 30 years of raising rabbits I noticed those solutions all have their own flaws and set backs.

But honestly, don't worry... In fact, check out this video presentation and you'll see what I mean...

Common Pitfalls

bunny proofing

It's a sad but true fact that many new rabbit raisers throw in the towel quite early on.

New rabbit owners problems range from having their cables or furniture eaten, (if they are indoor rabbits), to rabbit Houdini tricks under the fence or eating their prize Petunias (if kept outside), stomping about, being grouchy, going off their food and biting are also common problems.

Maybe Baby!

Would you bring a new baby home if you hadn't read a new baby book, got some experienced advice or been to some kind of preparation or information class at least?

NO, of course not. And that's why you are here. You care about your pets and want to do the very best for them. You are their carer and just like a child your pet rabbit relies on you for food, shelter, exercise, a safe environment and learning (as in stimulation).

OK, It's Down to You!

This pet rabbit guide isn't going to worry you, shame you and then leave you dangling... we have some real solutions to help you get on the rabbit learning road, after all your pet rabbits don't have a warren of adult rabbits helping them, it's really all down to you, so best to get it right from the get-go.

Pet Rabbit Guide Quick Links

Don't worry - Everything you need to get started with rabbits is right here!

This pet rabbit guide shows you there are some basic fundamental areas to concentrate on right from the starting gate, and we have carefully selected all the right links, pages, downloads, reports, freebie pdfs, ebooks, products and supplies that you will need right here...

Save this page and work through the list... We've done all the research so you don't have to!

More Important Information

Children and Rabbits

The contents of this pet rabbit guide are only a guideline for you to follow and check off in your learning progression and all stages are useful to show children especially before they take on the responsibility of a pet rabbit.

Showing children the importance of care before their new rabbit comes home, will pay dividends in the long run.

How about taking a peek at the Top 10 rabbits for children... and get some insights in to some rabbit breeds that have proven to be good with children.

Please Note:
It is advisable to only let children over the age of five to interact with any rabbit breed, as children younger tend not to have the coordination necessary to handle a rabbit correctly. Incorrect handling could cause serious damage to a rabbit's spine and poisoning may happen if a rabbit is given toxic food of any kind, no matter how good the intention may be.

Rabbit Language & Terms


If you're new to rabbits you may be surprised to know that they can communicate with you.

Learn what they are saying here...


You may also want to learn the lingo. Rabbit fans, owners and rabbit husbandry people all have their own terms to express all aspects of rabbitry.

Here's some commonly used rabbit terms to get you started.


If you feel this pet rabbit guide has been helpful, please let me know.

If you think it can be improved, let me know that too.

I'm grateful for all feedback, from rabbit owners, new rabbit owners and even yet-to-be rabbit owners! 

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All input is good, no matter how small ;-) Thank-you.

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