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There are so many wonderful depictions of our beautiful companion and pet, that I've had to split the categories up in to sections:

  • Funny Rabbits & Rabbit Cartoons - Every knows that a funny bunny will always put a smile on your face. if you need a little cheering up, take five and let funny bunnies do their magic.

  • Rabbits in History & Paintings of Rabbits - The 1900s saw the boom in the rabbit industry. But many of the rabbits originally bred for food, became a loveable member of the family. These wonderful old paintings prove just that.

  • Extinct Rabbits - Declines in popularity, breed improvements and changes through cross breeding have made over 60 breeds of rabbit extinct. As people change, and their likes and dislikes change, rabbit breeds will continue to die out as new breeds are developed. However, more recently, breeds are becoming extinct due to incidental eradication and deliberate programs by humans. (It made me quite sad putting this together :-(

  • Amazing Rabbit Photos - Rabbits continue to amaze and stir emotions in people. Is it because our mind connects the beautiful bunny with imagery and stories from our childhoods? Perhaps it's the sight of something extraordinary and visionary stirring our senses. Whatever the reason, rabbits continue to amaze and delight. These super images are just a few examples of bunnies at their best, some giving you pause for thought. (Love the sound track on this one too!)

  • Facebook Bunnies -Every now and then I come across amazing, weird  and wonderful pictures, photos and video on social media, and if they are worthy I get the over whelming urge to share.

  • Your Pictures of Rabbits - The lucky rabbits are the ones who have you as an owner. They are the few that have their 15 minutes of fame, (in most cases more), they are pampered, preened and pictured doing wonderful cute bunny things. These happy, fortunate rabbits are the ones we want to see. It puts a smile on the face of even the most miserable ;-) So, please share and make someone's day. Upload your favourite pictures of rabbits here and be entered in to the Just Rabbits competition. Any rabbit, anywhere, in any country, indoors or outdoors can have their moment!

  • For Rabbits in the News - Go Here - Pictures of rabbits are often featured in the news for one reason or another. I scour the Internet, magazines and newspapers for interesting rabbit stories everyday. I'm interviewing and reporting on a regular basis, so get connected to the Just Rabbits Blog for up to date info as and when you want it.

Funny Rabbits

Every time I come across a great rabbit photo or funny pictures of rabbits, I add my own caption to them or edit them in such a way as they could be funny (depending on your sense of humour of course).

For example, the bunny in the red underwear, in the image set below, didn't start off like that - that was my twisted sense of humour and I apologize in advance :-/

Hopefully, you'll see something here that will make you giggle!

Funny Pictures of Rabbits

Historic Rabbits

Extinct Rabbits

Amazing Rabbits

Facebook Bunnies

Nana Madness :D bunnies do anything for a little taste of banana :P enjoy!!

Posted by Chelsea's Rabbit Warren on Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Your Rabbits

Come on then, please share your beautiful, amazing or funny pictures of rabbits.

I'll make them in to a YouTube montage and mention your name and business too!

PLUS - by submitting your fantastic pictures in to the box below you will be entered in to the JustRabbits 'Happy Bunnies' picture contest.

So go tell your bunnies to comb their hair, brush their teeth, shine their nails and get their posing ears on... and

Smile... Camera... Action!

Have A Great 'Happy Bunnies' Photo?

Anyone in just about any country is eligible to win the prize in this happy bunnies picture contest. Remember this competition is not just about sharing your rabbit photos, it’s also about the story you tell - Include any anecdotes that may bring a smile to our faces. So make sure to invest as much energy and creativity in your writeup as you did in bringing up your happy bunny!

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