Pregnant Doe Advice

by Linda

Grateful for any help...

Grateful for any help...

Advice About My Doe

My mini lop (Holland Lop) doe, Josephine, had a dead kit in the early hours of the morning on day 31. It was in her litter tray.

Then on the evening of day 32, she had another 2 stillborn kits.

Then on day 33 about 4.00pm, she had another dead kit and then later on the same day about 8.00pm she had another dead kit.

So altogether she has had 5 stillborn kits.

She seems absolutely fine in herself, but I don't know anyone else who's doe has done this.

What I was wondering is, if I bred her again in a couple of months time, will the same thing happen again, or should I not bother breeding her again?

Thanks for any advice

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Jun 17, 2016
by: Anonymous

Maybe you should ask a vet about it... It's common for rabbits to lose some kits while giving birth but all of them... I had a nest of them a while ago of eleven and none of them died, though the mother died 3 months after. Sometimes the health of the mother isn't connected to how much of them are born dead but it could be, so just to be save you should go see a vet...

Jun 05, 2016
One more time try her
by: Anonymous

Mine did same thing all 7 kits died and I put her too again 2 weeks later she went on to have 9 and 4 sadly died 5 lived and she was the best mum I could have asked for they 9 weeks old now I've kept one at hers are happy with family .... do her one more time x

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